Truth be told, there's never been a greater rivalry in Ottawa's long history - perhaps, in human history. For decades, Carleton and uOttawa have bickered over mascots and tunnels, and the end of this competition will most likely never see its end.

It's a fact: The two universities in our small city will most likely never get along. I'll probably never stop getting cold stares from Gee Gees when wearing my Ravens sweater and nor will I ever stop hearing the words, "What the f*ck's a Gee Gee." This is a fact, and I have accepted this.

So long as we study, here are 10 things Ottawa U and Carleton students will never stop arguing about:

Who has the better football team

Ravens always win the Panda game, but...

Whose campus has the better location

Centre of downtown in the middle of construction or beside a train that takes you to Wal-Mart?

Who has the better mascot

A Raven that wears a basketball jersey or a blue-eyed white horse with an abnormally big head?

Who has the nicer campus

A green campus on a river with Soviet buildings and tunnels or a gothic, grey campus on the canal that's covered in construction.

Who has the better frosh week

Okay, Carleton's frosh is dry - maybe there never was an argument.

Who has the better rep

The U of O is always listed as one of the best schools in the country, but it's also notorious for falling in the rankings over the years. Secretly though, let's be real: We're both having more fun than the students at U of T.

Who has the better public transit

Centre of downtown right beside the Rideau Centre or a random direct bus and a mother f*ckin' train.

Who has the better programs

Carleton's got their journalism, but uOttawa also has Telfer Business and more billingual programs.

Who has the more successful grads

Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy, went to uOttawa, but Carleton's not short of its celebrity alumni, either. Famous people like Dan Aykroyd and Ottawa's own mayor, Jim Watson, have walked through the Carleton tunnels.

Who has the better school spirit

"What the f*ck's a Gee Gee" or "What the f*ck's a Raven"?

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