Mayor Jim Watson - commander of the O-Train. He's been #OnTrack2018 before it was even a hashtag. Like a local Justin Trudeau, he's a politican and celebrity in his own town because, well, Ottawans see him everywhere.

Whether he's at a Mac 'N' Cheese Fest or Tweeting, Mayor Jim is all about being connected to his city. Whether or not you agree with him politically, he's done some pretty memorable stuff in the past that'll probably make you nod and say, "Yeah, that's kinda cool."

Here's 10 times Jim Watson proved he was the coolest mayor in Canada:

In response to Russia's anti-gay lawMayor Watson raised the gay pride flag over city hall during the Olympics as a sign of tolerance in our very own town.

Most unpopular guy in Ottawa?

Chloe wanted to visit city hall, so he wrote a note to her school to explain her absence. He even told the school her teacher to give her less homework. +1 Watson.

He bet Golden Palace egg rolls with the New York mayor

Watson will get New York bagels if the Sens win.

An honourable walk of shame. 

via @jimwatsonottawa

He has a South Park character that gives party advice

You can find videos on his Insta that give you party advice in Ottawa. He even says that if you don't eat shawarma after a night out, did you even party? Words of truth. No Ottawa party is complete without a late-night shawarma run.

Hate is not welcome anywhere. #TurnAwayReturnOfKings

And other mayors across the country followed suit. Lead the way for tolerance, Watson.

via @jimwatsonottawa

He knows how to rock #tbt

His Facebook page and Instagram is basically 1/3 #tbt. Whether it's him holding a panda cub a decade ago or chilling with Dan Aykroyd, this man has had a worthy enough life to throwback to.

April 3rd is officially Elvis Day, as of 2017. Yes, Ottawa has an Elvis Day. The King, wherever he is, is probably saying, "Thank you, thank you very much."

Mayor Jim is friends with a guy in England who keeps getting mistaken for him

Jim Waterson, who writes for Buzzfeed in the UK, often gets complaints about the City of Ottawa via his Twitter. As if journalists don't get enough complaints on their own.

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