Just less than a half hour's drive from downtown Ottawa, Almonte is the perfect fixture of a place with a small town feel without being too far from arm's reach from the city. With gorgeous waterfalls, rustic old buildings and bustling antique shops, the town of Almonte remains one of the best examples of Lanark County's timeless beauty.

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With every beautiful place always has to be good food and Almonte does not fall short. From healthy donuts to cute watefall patios, Almonte is an unsung foodie paradise that caters to so many appetites.

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Heirloom Cafe Bistro // 7 Mill St.

Located in a restored heritage mill building, this central spot offers a historic ambience as well as some of the best fish tacos outside of Ottawa. While they serve all three meals of the day, best is their brunch and their delectable eggs benny. The artisan-style housemade sandwiches with a bowl of hot soup are also an ideal lunch option for this popular place.

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Mill Street Crepe Company // 14 Mill St.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this famous French dessert at Mill Street's Crepe Company. Their warm sugary crepes, whether you like them with Nutella or *drools* white chocolate, are a treat for the eyes and taste buds. Ask for a side of their homemade ice cream, too.

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Baker Bob's // 73 Little Bridge St.

Operating for more than twenty years, this local bake shop offers delicious baked goods like apple turnovers and freshly baked loaves of bread. The real treat here though, by popular word of mouth, are the butter tarts.

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Cafe Postino // 73 Mill St.

Live the dolce vita with some fine authentic southern Italian cuisine at this gorgeous restaurant in the old Almonte post office on Mill Street. Cafe Postino serves up a slew of the town's best pasta along with some pizza for the best Italian fare in Almonte.

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The Barley Mow // 79 Little Bridge St.

Renowned for their perfectly-placed outdoor patiothis take on the chain of Barley Mow pubs offers idealistic views of the roaring rapids of the Mississippi. Enjoy a pint of beer and share some deep fried pub grub with friends while watching the sunset from the patio this summer.

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Robin's Nest Tea Room // 98 Mill St.

Get elegant and fancy with some high tea at this cute little stone-wall building in downtown Almonte. Pastries are housemade by the local baker, like the popular sticky toffee pudding. Sandwiches and soups are also served as a lunchtime option at this busy location.

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Equator Coffee // 451 Ottawa St.

Fair Trade and organic coffee is served at this unassuming and trendy location. There's another shop actually closer to downtown Ottawa and you may have actually seen some Equator Coffee on grocery store shelves. But, come to the heart and try some delicious and refreshing iced coffee.

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Palms Coffee // 78 Mill St.

Another adorable coffeeshop on Mill Street that shouldn't be missed. Palms Coffee has a wide space with a lot of seating arrangements to sit down and relax, so no more worries about sitting beside total strangers.

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The Daily Scoop // 500 Ottawa St.

The absolute best choice for ice cream in Almonte with over 32 flavours of hard serve and over 30 assortments of milk shakes. Above all this, their prices are extremely affordable and it's one of the first places to eat that you'll pass by on your way into Almonte from Ottawa. Make sure you make it your last or first stop.

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Hummingbird Chocolate // 9 Houston Dr.

Using intrinsic craftsmanship, these local chocolate makers take their chocolate seriously. They make their chocolates in tiny batches with such care in their little Almonte workshop that even Willy Wonka's love for chocolate looks sub par compared to theirs. Just like the nearby Equator Coffee, these guys are also all about fair trade, making the already-delicious chocolate taste extra special.

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Healthy Food Technologies // 25 Industrial Dr.

We all deserve a donut. Treat yourself - but don't guilt yourself - at this little spot that sell boxes of the lowest-fat donuts you'll find in and around Ottawa. Using unique deep fryer technology, these guys somehow make healthy donuts taste better than the real deal. Sorry, Tim's.

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