There really was no better time to grow up than the 90s. When I drive around Ottawa nowadays, I hardly ever see any houses decorated for Halloween anymore.

In the 90s we had the best programming on TV and, let's not lie, the best costumes. Dressing up as a Power Ranger, Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace or dressing up like a Disney princess like Pocahontas or Belle. We had the best movies in the 90s to inspire our Halloweens. Sorry, kids from the 2000s. Frozen's cool, but we had it better.

The 90s may be gone but the fond memories are still fresh in our head. And, let's be real: We're still watching/doing the same stuff we did during Halloween in the 90s. How could we not? It was too awesome.

Here are 11 memories all 90s kids have:

1. Watching this on YTV.

The Haunted Mask still terrifies me.

Photo cred: Twitter

2. Half the kids in your neighbourhood wore these.

Sometimes, they had a pump that gushed out fake blood in the mask.

Photo cred: Twitter

3. Your mom probably packed these in your lunch.

The pumpkin ones are so much better than the ghosts, tbh.

Photo cred: Twitter

4. Catching Halloweentown on Family Channel.

And all the sequels, too.

Photo cred: Twitter

5. You got to spend time with your favourite family.

And the new Addams Family, of course. *snap snap*

Photo cred: Pinterest

6. You've seen this before at somebody's house.

Who is she and why is she everywhere.

Photo cred: Twitter

7. Halloween Beanie Babies

Still got them. Somewhere.

Photo cred: Twitter

8. Costume of choice.

Blue Power Ranger, all the way.

Photo cred: Twitter

9. These.

Who even came up with these?

10. Hocus Pocus


Photo cred: Amazon

11. And, of course, the classic literature.

The Baby-Sitters Club is where it's at.

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