Avocados are one of those things where you either love them or hate them. They're incredibly good for you, and they make any dish look pretty healthy. Slab a cube of avocado on your pizza and bam, it's healthy. Okay, not really, but the fats we get from avocado are amazing for every part of your body. 

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If you're one of those people that lives for avocado anything, and you live off of avocado toast, this article is for you. Here are 11 Ottawa spots to fuel your avocado addiction. Enjoy!

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Wilf & Ada's // 510 Bank St

Avocado Eggs Benedict 

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Art Is In Bakery // 250 City Centre Ave

Avocado toast

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Pure Kitchen // Multiple Locations

Karma bowl

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Wild Oats Bakery & Cafe // 817 Bank St

Avocado and cheddar sandwich

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Johnny Farina // 216 Elgin St

Blackened salmon kale

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El Camino // 380 Elgin St


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Tomo // 109 Clarence St

Volcano roll

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The Savoy Brasserie // 334 Richmond Rd

Mexican eggs Benedict

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Little Jo Berry's // 1303 Wellington St W

Avocado grilled cheese

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Union Street Kitchen Cafe // 42 Crichton St

Avocado and beet hummus toast

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Good Eats // 388 Albert St

Avocado toast

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