Even though a lot of us become hermits in the winter, some times it's actually good to get some fresh air.

So, why not take a walk in nature and take in the beautiful sights? Let's be real, even though snow is annoying AF and it ruins a lot of things, it's so pretty and makes the city glow. You can clear your thoughts with a nice walk, and I definitely find it therapeutic. Bring your dog, your BFF or even go at it alone. You'll get your body moving and realistically, you'll get that unreal Instagram you've been waiting for all winter.

So here are 11 places in Ottawa to go for a quiet winter walk. Enjoy the cold!

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1. Mer Bleue Conservation Area // Ridge Road 

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2. Pine Grove Trail // Ottawa, ON

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3. Rideau Canal // Queen Elizabeth Drive

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4. Gatineau Park // Gatineau, QC

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5. Stony Swamp // 4897 Old Richmond Road

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6. Chapman Mills Conservation Area // 254 Winding Way

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7. Old Quarry Trail // Ottawa, ON

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8. Green's Creek // Ottawa, ON

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9. Sarsaparilla Trail // Ottawa, ON

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10. Jack Pine Trail // 4420 West Hunt Club Road

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11. Shirleys Bay // Ottawa, ON

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