Bank Street, as one of the major roads in the Ottawa region, unsurprisingly is home to some of the city's best dining. Stretching all the way from the downtown core to Vernon, you're bound to find something delicious that caters to your taste, whether it's Greek or ice cream.

Here's a list of 12 restaurants every Ottawa foodies needs to try on Bank:

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Wilf & Ada's // 510 Bank St.

This scratch diner on Bank serves up some of the best eggs benny in Ottawa and their side of immaculately crisp, golden home fries are considered by many to be the best in the city. Wilf & Ada's is brunch/all-day breakfast done right.

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Stella Luna Gelato // 1103 Bank St.

One of the most renowned and genuine Italian gelato in Ottawa. Stella Luna's ice cream is made from scratch on-site using techniques and ingredients straight from Italy, such as pistachios from Sicily. It's as authentic as authentic gets.

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Shawarma Palace // 2440 Bank St.

So good that there's even a location on Bank Street. No Ottawa foodie list is complete without a mention of shawarma, especially from what is considered to be the best shawarma in Ottawa. Shawarma Palace offers the best value for your money -- their shawarma plates could easily feed two (or just be used as leftovers).

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The Whalesbone Oyster House // 430 Bank St.

The perfect shareable seafood grub. The lively atmosphere at Whalesbone offers some of the best oysters in the city, but also some terrific high quality seafood, like lobster and fish & chips.

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Rosie's Southern Kitchen & Raw Bar // 895 Bank St.

The go-to place on Bank for Southern-style grub. Whether you're thinking of fried chicken on mashed potatoes or some juicy, tender ribs with a unique peach BBQ sauce, Rosie's never disappoints.

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Eggspectation // 171 Bank St.

This one goes out to all the egg obsessors. The focus at this restaurant is the eggs and has an exhaustive list of eggs benny, from lobster eggs benedict to eggs florentine. The real triumph here though is the high rise pancakes: Three layers of pancakes with bacon and sausage in between with home fries and, of course, an egg on top.

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The Greek Souvlaki Shack // 258 Bank St.

A genuine, unassuming restaurant that serves traditional Greek fare in generous portions. Not only is it one of the best Greek places on Bank, but the lamb is some of the best in the city and their Greek salads always taste so fresh.

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Burgers n' Fries Forever // 329 Bank St.

Where burgers and fries are literal BFFs. Burgers n' Fries doesn't slip the focus and solely dedicated their heart to burgers, but they also offer some terrific variants of hand-cut fries. I'm always keen about the baked potato fries with cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream and green onions. Never miss out on their so-called elegant take on fries (with parmesan cheese always flaked on top to make things fancy).

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Il Negozio Nicastro // 792 Bank St.

An Italian deli and grocery store, similar to the likes of La Bottega in the Market, but with its own individual passion and tradition. Il Negaozio Nicastro brings authenticity from the homeland. Their sandwiches rival those of La Bottega, and their owners are always open to offering recommendations for their Italian speciality foods imported from the old country.

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Life of Pie // 1134 Bank St.

Who doesn't like pie, though. Life of Pie offers different pies on the daily, as well as a delicious selections of sweet scones.

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Havana // 1200 Bank St.

If you can't quite afford that flight ticket to Varadero, Cuban chef Oslaide Guerra offers even better fare than the usual resort buffets. He brings his techniques he learned from Santiago de Cuba and serves up some tasty Cuban sandwiches and delicious yucca fries.

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