Of course, living in a government city, we're all bound to have very different views and opinions. One day we could be cheering on the Sens and the next day cursing that we never want to watch another game again. There are some things we don't have mixed feelings about (Trump, Sweet Jesus being the best thing that's happened to Ottawa in years, etc) however, most of the time, you can find Ottawans complaining then feeling bad about complaining. It's a battlefield.

So here are 11 things Ottawans have mixed opinions about, and realistically, we'll never come to a conclusion about either.

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1. The Sens

You want to love them, but they let you down year after year. Good things come to those who wait though, right?

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2. Justin Trudeau

Is he just a pretty face? Or can we trust him? Mixed feelings, always.

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3. If we get four seasons or just two

Once summer becomes brutal, we become so excited for fall. Aka, fall lasts a week before we start having to pull out our winter jackets. Then once winter is over, we get so excited for spring but we soon realize that winter and summer are the only true seasons we get.

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4. Why anyone would willingly move to Ottawa

Us Ottawans are biased when it comes to living in Ottawa, but there is also a lot of people who love living here. We can never make up our minds.

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5. The 'nightlife'

Or lack thereof. It's great because you don't have to choose from 200 bars to go out to, but it would be nice to have a little variety. We've been to every bar and now just resort to our favourite ones. It's easiest.

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6. OC Transpo

It's hard not to complain about OC Transpo when you're standing in the cold waiting for a bus that won't show up. However, most of the time it's reliable and it gets you to wherever you need to go in the city. It's a love hate relationship for sure.

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7. If Ottawa is a big or small city

Trying to figure this one out will drive you mad. Most people say it's a small city, which technically it is, especially compared to cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. However, it's one of the biggest cities in Canada, so no matter how you put it, you'll probably be wrong.

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8. Cyclists

We obviously realize they have their own right to get around just like a car, but Ottawa (especially downtown) was not made for cyclists. The one way streets already give everyone enough anxiety, but they should be treated like any other vehicle on the road.

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9. It's not very unique

We seem to get everything only after everyone else in Canada does. While it makes for a good reason to go on a road trip, it would also be really nice if we could get something in Ottawa first. Considering we are the capital after all.

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10. Tinder

It's a great way to meet people... if you have patience. It can become a fun hobby if you're just trying it out for fun, but a lot of people don't know where to meet their future bae and resort to dating apps. Which is perfectly fine, but we all secretly wish we could just meet someone at the grocery store and fall in love instantly.

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11. If we're actually the capital or not

Okay, we obviously are. However, so many people think Toronto is the capital that we second guess ourselves too.

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