Pretty girls don't always get away with everything. But when we do, we save money and get free food from it. We're not complaining, but it also does take a lot of work to achieve that desirable level. Any girl who goes to a bar in the Byward Market knows they're not going to pay for their own drink - its inevitable. Do we care about that? Probably. But we care more at 3 in the morning when we're starving and don't want to break the bank for some McDonald's on Rideau Street. That's when our charm kicks in.

Batting your eyes and puckering your lips isn't the key to getting what you want. I mean it definitely helps, but getting away with a lot of stuff is also a blessing and a curse. We definitely won't save your number in our phones, and probably won't remember your name the next day. That's just something we'll always get away with along with these 11 other things:

1. Getting the last seat on the OC Transpo.

This is like an unwritten rule, probably only a rule that girls know. But it works anyways.

2. Never paying for your own McDonald's on Rideau Street.

Meet at a guy at a bar downtown, make the classic trip to the dirty McDonald's down the street, make him buy you McDonald's, and never see him again. Pretty simple and effective strategy.

3. Getting a job as a bartender/waitress at any restaurant in The Market.

You'll never go to a bar or restaurant in downtown Ottawa and not see girls working who look like they just walked out of a photo shoot.

Photo cred - @emily_luciano

4. Being known for your Instagram.

Which is never a bad thing. Especially when your feed looks on point, and it doesn't suck when it leads to you getting paid for having promoting companies and dressing really well!

5. Not opening your own door at Algonquin College.

Without fail, there's always a group of guys outside of Algonquin College/Baseline Station who seem to finish their smoke break as soon as you need to open the door. Not complaining, but... kinda weird.

6. Bringing no cash to Tequila Jacks.

Because you're bound to find someone who will buy you your drinks if you make out with them. Also, that being legitimately the only reason you ever go there.

7. Pretending to be a Senators and REDBLACKS fan.

You'll see girls start going to games as soon as they get boyfriends, and we all know they're miserable. They're just there for the beer and Smirnoff ice, which they don't buy.

8. Trying out the latest fashion trends.

If you can pull it off, no one will even second guess you. They'll just accept it, and will 100% follow. Trends start real fast here in Ottawa.

Photo cred - We Heart It

9. Getting on peoples shoulders at Bluesfest.

And somehow everyone just deals with it. It's kind of just expected now.

10. Shopping at a second hand discount store for 'vintage' clothing.

Aka dirty old oversized plaid shirts, denim overalls, really ugly grandpa sweaters and fake pearls–none of which are vintage but no one calls us out on it so we're good.

11. Getting so unbelievably drunk at Hope Volleyball Summerfest.

And not playing a minute of volleyball. But it's okay, cause they're all in itty bitty bikinis.

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