We've all been there, we finally have some free time to actually do something, but all of your friends are busy. So now you're stuck with a free day wondering what TF to do. No worries because there is lots to do in Ottawa on your own!

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Being alone is the perfect time to reflect on your life, pamper yourself, and take some peaceful walks. I would suggest you go to the movies alone, but let's be real who does that without feeling extremely awkward? Here are 11 things you can do if you're flying solo for the day. 

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Head to one of Ottawa's Nail Salons and get your nails looking on point

There are so many amazing nail salons in Ottawa. Being alone is the perfect time to completely pamper yourself and feel A1. Whether you go for cat shaped nails or just a simple pink, your nails for sure deserve the treatment. 

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Take a walk at Lansdowne Park 

Cool off in the sprinklers and watch some of the talented skateboarders. A walk around Lansdowne is always fun, you never know when you may see some Ottawa REDBLACKS players heading in for a game.

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Unwind at an Ottawa Park

After all the work craziness a good relaxing day is definitely a must. Head to a park and read a book or just take a sun filled nap.

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Visit one of Ottawa's Museums 

Walk through the many new exhibits that have just opened up. You will learn new things and nobody is with you trying to rush.

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Sip on some coffee at one of Ottawa's lowkey cafes

There's nothing better than going to a cute coffee shop and diving into your favourite book. Whether you go to read or you bring a laptop to be productive and get some work done going to a coffee shop is always a good time.

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Get your hair done at one of Ottawa's salons 

If you feel like your hair is too long, too flat, or just needs some love head to one of Ottawa's hair salons for some pampering. Plus if you feel like talking you already know the hairdresser is ready to listen.

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Zen out at Pure Yoga

Head to Pure Yoga and completely escape from reality. Here you will be fully relaxed and present enjoying every breath in and out. 

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Do some doodles at a cafe or at home

Sometimes it's fun and relaxing to do things you did as a kid. So get your crayons or markers out and get colouring. Adult colouring books are super trendy these days and they will make you feel like a kid again. 

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Take a peaceful walk at one of Ottawa's "beaches"

Head to the beach closest to you. You'll enjoy the sounds of the water and the feeling of sand on your feet. Walking by water is super relaxing and perfect for some life reflection.

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People watch in the ByWard Market

There is honestly always something happening in the market. From street performers to unique cars you definitely won't be bored. Maybe you can spread some love and buy a meal for someone that's in need, a little positivity never hurt anyone. 

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Challenge yourself and take a pole class at Ottawa Pole Fitness

Pole is such a challenging workout, but it's such a perfect thing to do alone. When your friends are there you may feel pressure or nervousness, but alone the people that work there will make you feel warm and welcomed.

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