The legendary Panda Game, a football rivalry between the uOttawa GeeGees and the Carleton Ravens dating back to the 1950s, was held this past Saturday October the 1st. And if you didn't know why it's called The Panda Game - the game's trophy is actually a stuffed animal named Pedro the Panda. Seriously.

If you aren't sober enough to remember much, we got you.

Here are 11 Things You Realize at the Panda Game.

1. How serious football really is to people.

If you didn't think Ottawa was a place for football fans, you probably thought different after going to the panda game.

2. How seriously you start to take football - even though you don't understand much.

You're only here to see the other school lose anyway.

3. How much school merch people really own.

Maybe I should've bought pompoms in school colours.

4. How many people you know from your own school.

Finally you can match faces to those frosh week pics you took with randoms.

5. How many people you know from your rival school.

Except today you're not saying hi. No one is friends with the enemy.


6. People are still mourning Harambe.

7. Everyone you've ever matched with on Tinder is probably within walking distance of you right now.

8. You can't even count how many selfies you've taken with friends

Or remember them.

9. You don't even pay attention to the score until you start sobering up.

Wait... we're losing?

10. And for that matter, you start to realize how freezing it is outside.

Yeah I should've bought a blanket with the pompoms too.

11. The song "Panda" wasn't even played during the entire game?

I want a refund.

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