"Are you going to a funeral?" It's one question some will ask when you're wearing all black but, rest assured, the positives will outweigh the negatives. Wearing all black is a growing fashion trend and it's already a firm style in places of the world, like Denmark and Sweden. And if someone's doing something right, it's the Danes and the Swedes.

Even if you like to wear colour, here's 12 reasons why you should consider wearing all black. Guaranteed, in one way or another, it will improve your life:

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You won't get stains

Spilt that red wine on your shirt? Nobody can see it. Grease drip from a burger? Nope. Still can't. Wearing all white makes you a walking Tide spokesperson. Wear black and never worry ever again.

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No one will ever notice you're wearing the same shirt or pants twice

If all your clothes look the same, how oh how will anybody know you wore the same shirt from yesterday?

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You'll never have to think about what you're going to wear

Look at Mark Zuckerberg's closet. All grey shirts. While he may not be wearing black (think about it, Mark), if you have shirts and pants of all the same colour, you'll never have to worry about mixing and matching outfits. It clears your mind and takes off one big stress of the day.

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Black works with every skin tone and every hair colour

Whether you're a redhead Cheryl Blossom, a blonde Betty Cooper or a brunette Veronica Lodge, black works with everyone. Bless colour neutrality.

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Black is ready for every occasion

First date? Yes. Job interview? Of course. Funeral? Erm. You get the point.

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You'll look European

Scandinavians always choose black. Always. Many claim they do so because they want to fit in and because it feels safe. Minimalism is in and, if anyone knows fashion, it's the Europeans.

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Black is always in

Ever hear someone say, "X is the new black"? Black is the colour standard. Black is black. Don't mess with it.

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Black leather jackets

Iconic. Rockstars don't wear wool sweaters. It's all about and always will be about black. Leather. Jackets.

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Black is sexy

Spies don't wear pink jumpsuits. There's a reason celebrities are wearing black and why black Nike trainers are in style. It looks good.

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You can get away with a lot

Black shirts all look the same. If there's no brand name or logo, no one will judge or second guess where you bought your outfit. Shoutout to all the thrifters.

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Match a black outfit with Ray Ban Wayfarers

No, paparazzi. Please.

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You'll never look underdressed

Or overdressed. Like, what even are you, a fashion chameleon?

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