There are some people that treat themselves daily, and others who wait months before they feel like they deserve it. We all deserve to treat ourselves, and we don't have to break the bank to do it. 

There definitely shouldn't be a limit on treating yourself, however you can totally do it with just a few bucks. And besides, you won't feel guilty with any of these! You deserve it, and need to focus on yourself for once. So here are 12 things to treat yourself to for under $25 in Ottawa. 

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Wine, cheese & chocolate

Strathmere is a country retreat that you can absolutely treat yourself at. Since spa packages can be pretty pricey, they also offer smaller packages that give you the same vibe. This wine, cheese and chocolate package includes samples of artisan cheeses and house preserves, chef inspired handcrafted chocolates and a glass of local wine. Yum!

Price: $25

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Polish Nail Bar 

Gel polish

When I think of pampering myself, I automatically think of getting my nails done. It's such a calming experience and you get to chill for an hour. At Polish Nail Bar, their mini-paint gel nails is super cheap but definitely not cheap looking. And let's be real, you feel like a new person when your nails are done. 

Price: $20

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Elevate Yoga 

Drop-in class

Sometimes you don't want to commit to something, and that's totally fine. At Elevate Yoga, their drop-in fees are super affordable and you can do it with any class. Maybe you feel like you just need a yoga class to destress, and this is the perfect place to do it. 

Price: $17

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Art Haven 

Ceramic painting 

It's been proven that painting or colouring relaxes the body and mind. At Art Haven, you can paint any item you want while sipping on wine or bubble tea. It's the perfect way to relax and it's definitely not expensive if you choose a small item to paint. 

Price: Ranges from $15 to $70 (choose a smaller object to be below $25)

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DiVino Modern Italian

Fancy pasta dish

Is there a better way to treat yourself than pasta? At DiVino Modern Italian, all of their pasta dishes are huge and perfectly in budget. They even have homemade pasta here which will make the experience that much better. 

Price: Ranges from $20 to $24

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Renu Massage Therapy and Spa

De-stress eye treatment 

This eye treatment is a must if you're one of those people who loves to work, stays up late and never sleeps. This eye treatment is targeted to hydrate, firm and reduce wrinkles around the eyes from stress. 

Price: $25

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Boko Bakery 

Insane cookies

Maybe it was just me, but as a kid my mom would give me cookies for behaving well. And I still absolutely love treating myself to a delicious cookie whenever I feel like I deserve one. Boko Bakery has the most insane cookies, and yes, they're better than Subway cookies. 

Price: $3.00 per cookie

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Vegan bath/body products

Saaboon has vegan bath bombs. Need I say more? If you're not a bath person, they also have amazing other vegan body products that will make you want to convert. They even have soap bars that are targeted to what skin type you have. Bless. 

Price: Ranges from $7 to $20

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The Tea Party Cafe 

Queen of hearts high tea

This Alice in Wonderland inspired cafe is the perfect way to destress and treat yourself. Just like in the movies, this high tea consists of sandwiches, sweets, scones with cream and jam, veggies and dip, cheese plate and a pot of tea. They also offer vegan high tea as well. 

Price: $23 per person

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Holland's Cake and Shake 

The Overlord

This milkshake is unlike anything you've ever seen before. It will also probably give you the biggest sugar rush, but hey, treat yourself right?! If you have a sweet tooth, this is heaven for you. It's a 16 oz. milkshake of your choice, a mini cake of your choice, a brownie, a cookie, a truffle/square and it's topped off with whipped cream and a sparkler. *drools*

Price: $13

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Taqueria La Bonita 

Skull margaritas 

Everyone deserves a delicious margarita every once and a while. They're one of the best alcoholic drinks, and when they come like this, they're even better. You can feel like a badass while still drinking a delicious drink that you actually enjoy. 

Price: $12

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Feline Café 

Cat cafe 

I know a ton of people don't like cats, but if you do, you know they're the most snuggly and adorable things on the planet. Feline Café is an amazing place where you can drink coffee and eat vegan food while keeping cats company. All of these cats are up for adoption, and the money you spend at the cafe helps the cats live their best lives until they get a home. Sometimes, you just can't afford to take a cat home, so places like this are perfect. 

Price: Depending on what you buy, the menu is anywhere from $3 to $10

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