Local businesses are the best businesses. Learning about how they started out here in Ottawa and how they plan on expanding as a business is always interesting. Many businesses in Ottawa know the major key alert when it comes to their Instagram accounts. Having a lit Instagram account is so important to any local business because that's where people see you the most before heading to your shop.

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These accounts are killer and they showcase the shops best products or the restaurants delicious foods. Here are 13 local businesses that have aced their accounts by setting themes and going with them:

via @saaboon

Saaboon // @saaboon

This vegan soap shop has an amazing Insta account. From pictures of their lovely products to photos of their pugs, this account is perfect for anyone to follow. 

via @rawpulpandgrind

RAW Pulp + Grind // @rawpulpandgrind

Their insta account is vibrant and eye-catching. They post amazing photos that showcase their delicious foods and smoothies. They also re-post peoples pictures from time to time so tag them and you may be featured! Definitely check out their acccount if you're looking for a delicious food account. 

via @roadtrip_and_trustfund

Roadtrip And Trustfund // @roadtrip_and_trustfund

If you love fashion blogger Instagram accounts, Roadtrip And Trustfund has got you covered. Their cute account is sure to give you some outfit inspiration as well as some Insta post ideas. 

via @littlejoberrys

Little Jo Berry's // @littlejoberrys

Themed, cute, and tasty, this account will satisfy your sweet tooth and your eyes. Every picture on the profile matches the theme which makes the page look absolutely amazing. This local store sells delicious vegan treats which includes ice cream, pies, and adorable macarons. 

via @wolfandzed

Wolf & Zed // @wolfandzed

If you're a shoe lover always on the hunt then this account is perfect for you. This local footwear company sells women's shoes as well as mens and their account is on fleek. 

via @origintrade

Origin Trade // @origintrade

Instagram theme on point. Origin Trade found a filter and stuck with it and it's perfect. There account is cohesive and aesthetically appealing. All lovers of coffee must follow this amazing account. 

via @thehandmadebride

The Handmade Bride // @thehandmadebride

This bridal boutique in Ottawa has their Insta game down. Their page features stunning flowers, dresses, makeup, hairsyles, and adorable wedding photos. 

via @black_squirrel_books

Black Squirrel Books & Espresso // @black_squirrel_books

Coffee and books together, what more could you ask for on your feed? This account posts some awesome photos of their cute cafe and bookstore. Definitely give them a follow if you love coffee, books, or just need some post inspiration. 

via @northandnavy

North & Navy // @northandnavy

This Italian restaurant knows how to flex their menu using their Instagram. Serving up delicious pastas and refreshing drinks North and Navy has a strong Insta game perfect for foodies. 

via @_goods_shop

Goods Shop // @_goods_shop

If you're always looking for some roomsperation then Goods Shop's Instagram account is worth a follow. This account features their many unique products and if you're on the hunt for some new home decor you'll want to check out their page. 

via @mooshuicecream

Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen // @mooshuicecream

Who doesn't want a little sweetness on their feed from time to time? Moo Shu Ice Cream has an amazing Instagram account, but I warn you, if you follow you'll crave ice cream a lot more often. Their flavours are always rotating so following them is a really good idea if you want to try out new flavours when they're available. 

via @milkshopottawa

Milk Shop // @milkshopottawa

Outfit inspirations, cute cards, bath bombs, pins, watches, and jewlery the Milk Shop Ottawa knows how to set up a lit Insta. This local clothing store lays out outfits like pros.

via @evoogreekkitchen

EVOO Greek Kitchen // @evoogreekkitchen

A bright and colorful profile that showcases their delicious foods and drinks. Evoo Greek Kitchen sells a variety of yummy Greek dishes and has an amazing staff. This Insta account is perfect for anyone that loves food or wants some dinner ideas to attempt to make at home.

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