With snow on the ground, it's safe to say that it is now holiday season. Soon enough, Ottawa will have Santa's in every mall, the canal will be open, and we'll be seeing viral vids of OC Transpo busses stuck in the snow. If one thing's for sure, however, it's that the holidays are definitely the best time of year!

Now, just like every other season, the holidays definitely bring out the basic b*tches. There's nothing wrong with it but here's how to identify if you're a basic Ottawa girl this winter:

1. Hit the slopes at Camp Fortune

via @fernandapintogodoy

I can't even hate because skiing is so much fun and I'm excited AF for the hills to open. Regardless, Camp Fortune for skiing is definitely a pretty basic activity during the holidays but it's so worth the basic title.

2. Go skating on the Rink of Dreams

via @karissathorne_

Just to say they did it of course. Everyone knows the Canal is better just because it's so iconic and so much bigger but did you really do winter in Ottawa if you didn't skate on the Rink of Dreams? Didn't think so!

3. Pull out the Uggs 

via @lav_shop_official

And it's not complete without a pair of Roots socks peeking out. If you don't wear your Uggs from November all the way til March, do you even know how the holidays work in Ottawa? 

4. Sleep, breathe, live Movati Athletic

via @ramicour

Because summer bodies are made in the Winter, right? Maybe it's because it's so boujee but Movati has been every basic b*tches favourite gym recently. That being said, you already know Ottawa girls will be going in on the workouts to make sure they look good for the Summer. 

5. Complain about waiting for the bus  

via @danielleovtsyn

Waiting for the bus in the winter is honestly one of the worst things to go through. But seeing all the complaints about it on Snapchat and Twitter? Even worse. It sucks buuuut we kinda get it! 

6. Grab a beavertail on the Canal

via @edajlane

Honestly, beaver tails are good all year long but they taste extra good when it's -10 outside for some reason. Because of that, it obviously had to make the list of basic b*tch activities! No regrets, though.

7. Never take off their fav blanket scarf

via @paigeshealyn

When this trend started, it was here to stay. Blanket scarves are so cozy and comfy but they're definitely every basic Ottawa girl's staple accessory. 

8. Instagram a selfie from Winterlude 

via @tracimelchor

You can't call yourself an Ottawan if you've never been to Winterlude! This is definitely one of the most basic things to do if you're from Ottawa and you're sure to bump into a bunch of basic girls there.

9. Live at Starbucks

via @rxsiesta

And it must be posted on the Gram' or on Snapchat. Basically, pics or it didn't happen! With Starbucks releasing cute little designs on their cups every year, you already know this has become an Ottawa tradition. 

10. Head to Nordik for the ultimate "Spa in the Winter" snap

via @prestypress

Oh c'mon, you already know this is hella basic. No explanation necessary!

11. Pose in their Canada Goose jacket for every pic

via @littlethreads_

Would it really be the holiday season without a little brand whoring here and there? There's totally nothing wrong with it but don't be upset if you get called basic!

12. Eat pho on the daily 

via @laravogler

With so many options to choose from in Ottawa, drinking some pho to heat up your body when the weather hits the negatives doesn't sound like a bad idea at all!

13. Spend every weekend at Rideau during December

via @misskayfit

How else are you supposed to get all your Christmas gifts? Procrastinating is a thing here and especially with all the sales and promotions, who knows, you might even end up doing some unnecessary shopping for yourself! 

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