Ottawa is a small city, and a small city comes with its own special kind of awkwardness. From the OC Transpo to Rideau Centre, we all share the same weird interactions every day - since there really is nowhere else to escape.

Growing up here has probably taught you a thing or two about how to handle uncomfortable social situations. I mean, you've probably run into people from elementary school on nights out at least three times already.

Here are 14 way too common awkward situations, familiar to anyone living in this city:

1. When the 95 is so packed that you accidentally touch hands with the person standing next to you.

So... what are we?

2. And speaking of packed 95s - when you're so Canadian that you're politely waiting for other people to get on the bus first, but they're so Canadian that they're politely waiting for you to get off first.

Sorry..... Sorry.... Excuse Me... Sorry. 

3. The city is so small that you've definitely run into Tinder matches everywhere.

Class? Check

Mall? Check

Junxion? Check

Sister's wedding? Check.

4. Every time you go to the Rideau Centre, it's basically a high school reunion.

At least you're way hotter than that cute guy from chem class now.

5. Whenever you meet someone new, they already know who you are.

I know you feel like a small time celebrity, but they probably went to school with one of your friends. Or have randomly creeped you on Instagram. Either one.

6. When you're really excited rocking your new outfit but you run into someone wearing the exact same thing.

This is what happens when everyone shops at the same mall.

♥ Zara forever ♥

7. You might think you're the first person to take that artsy National Art Gallery picture, but chances are someone else has put it up on Instagram already.

Yes, the one with the red lights. We're all guilty.

8. That feeling when it's tourist season and you're worried about how you look photobombing everyones' Parliament Hill family pics.

Does this angle work for me? You're welcome.

9. Especially when it's time for Yoga Wednesdays.

Spending on those new Lulus was worth it.

10. Being worried about running into relatives while you're day drunk downtown on Canada Day.

It's just the heat. I swear.

11. At least two people you know from high school have sent you the link to their new rap song.

"Mixtape soon come, fam" 

Yup, straight fire.

12. And you have endless Friday night invites to the club where your high school's aspiring DJ spins.

Still thinks he has a shot.

13. After a certain point, every house party starts feeling the same.

Same people. Same music. Same hookups.

14. That awkward half-smile you always have to keep on your face in case you run into anyone you know anywhere at any point in time.

Just because you live in Ottawa.

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