If you ask me, Saved by the Bell is one of the best shows that ever aired. Most of us watching it while getting ready for school all throughout elementary school and high school, and catching reruns now brings you right back to your childhood. The 6 friends, Zack, Kelly, A.C. Slater, Screech, Lisa and Jessie were friendship goals back then, and let's be real, Zack and Kelly were the original Ross and Rachel.

We all wanted to be Kelly and we also all wanted to marry Zack Morris. Based in a high school, Bayside High School, these friends went through everything that every teen goes through. We learned a bunch of lessons before they even happened to us, and thank god for that. So here are 14 most important life lessons Saved by the Bell has taught us all, besides the theme song. We all know that off by heart now, obviously.

1. A friend that tells you the truth is a true friend.

Remember when Zack, Screech and Slater sneak out to a bar with a fake ID and find Kelly's boyfriend Jeff there dancing with another girl? This taught me to never trust someone named Jeff. And believe me, it's true.

2. There's no hope with dope.

Okay, usually a celebrity wouldn't influence you to not do drugs, but in this case it worked for them. You're not super cool for saying yes to drugs and you're not a loser for saying no. Just say no, okay?

3. It's okay to not be perfect.

The most iconic scene of any episode ever. Jessie is too stressed out with the filming of their music video, and needs to take caffeine pills to stay away (casual). When she becomes addicted, Zach steps in and cancels her performance. She then realizes no one can be perfect at everything, and that's life!

4. Save your money.

Rewarding yourself isn't always the best option. When Lisa's dad gives her a credit card for keeping her grades up, she then overspends and then hustles to find a way to pay it off. Just because you have money, doesn't mean you need to spend it.

5. You and your friends don't always have to get along.

Zack and Slater are a huge example of this. Damn, did they ever actually get along? Yet they considered each other their best friend. Friend goals?

6. Don't date your friends girl/boy.

Every time Slater goes after Kelly, or when Zack and Lisa kiss. Don't do this. It's against every rule ever made!

7. Just because it looks like someone has everything, doesn't mean they do.

Kelly and Zack make a plan to go to prom together, but when Kelly's dad loses his job, so she can't afford to go to prom. It looks like she has everything together all the time, when realistically she was struggling too.

8. Friendship can overcome anything.

This episode though. When they randomly ditch high school and become superstars for a day. When 'Zack Attack' becomes a famous band, Zack starts to lose sight of what life is really about. He becomes an asshole, and just wants money and girls. Then of course, when Slater gets into an accident, he realizes what's important. So moral of the story is, if you really love someone, you can overcome anything.

9. Spending times with the ones you love is so important.

Back to the prom episode when Kelly can't afford to go to prom and Zack makes me a picnic outside the gym so they can still hear the music. *cute tears*

10. Don't judge people based on their looks.

Zack "meets" a girl on a teen line he creates for the school, and asks her out on a date. Of course, she agrees because you can't say no to how charming Zack is. When he realizes she's in a wheelchair, he makes a huge deal about it. Moral of the story, don't judge people based on their looks, since this girl was a sweetheart.

11. Take a time out every once and a while.

Or every single day, in Saved by the Bell time. A time out in Saved by the Bell means when Zack has to explain or realize things on his own. It actually works if you think about it.

12. People will like you whether you're weird or not. Just be yourself.

Screech is such an underrated character. Weird as f*ck, but he had a heart of gold and only Lisa didn't realize that. At least Violet did.

13. You always want what you can't have.

Screech always wanted Lisa, and Lisa always thought she was too good for him. But when Lisa finally goes on a date with him to the movies, Screech is over it by Lisa's big mouth. I mean, he still loves her the rest of the show but he moves on to someone better for him.

14. Just because you don't study, doesn't mean you're not smart.

Jessie was known as the smart one in the group for so long, but when Zach gets a 1502 on the SAT test and Jessie only gets a 1205, everything is weird. This episode needed to show people that just because you don't study 24/7, doesn't mean you're not smart. You can be smart in other ways or surprise everyone!

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