Like Hannah Montana once said, everybody makes mistakes. 

Ottawa can kind of be intimidating when you first move here. You don't know what cold is until you've experienced an Ottawa winter, there are so many bus numbers that you don't recognize and you're stumped when you try to find a job. We all know how you feel. But don't be intimidated, it happens to the best of us!

This city is expensive and will try and take your money from you, but don't you worry. You'll slowly find ways to save money, and since there are great things to do here in the summer and winter, you'll find yourself getting less and less bored. But that isn't until you've made a few mistakes.

1. Not bringing your headphones on the bus with you

45 minutes of pure torture. And you won't be able to ignore all those people from high school either.

2. Deciding to drive downtown instead of bus

*Finds parking two hours later*

3. Not trying a new Shawarma place because you had a bad experience elsewhere

Listen. There is no such thing as bad Shawarma in Ottawa. Do yourself a favour and try it.

4. Trying to save money on a winter jacket

Spend the extra money. Your body and sanity will thank you.

5. Ignoring the snowfall warning

Never assume it won't snow in Ottawa. Always assume it will snow more than it says it will.

6. Underestimating OC Transpo bus times

It's either super early or 20 minutes late. No in between.

7. Pretending you don't like BeaverTails

Just keep eating them until you like them. Or move out of Ottawa.

8. Thinking you know how to get around the city without Google Maps

And when you have no data left on your phone, good luck.

9. Agreeing to go shopping anywhere but online during the holidays

It's either you see everyone you know panicking at CF Rideau Centre or Bayshore Shopping Centre. Choose online.

10. Finding a roommate off of Kijiji

Are you sure you can't afford to live alone...?

11. Underestimating the cost of having a car AND a Presto Card

Between insurance and gas, and having to load your Presto Card, maybe I should just get a bike?

12. Thinking you'll find a job easily


13. Believing you'll make it out alive without air conditioning in the summer

Or heat in the winter. Some things you just can't pass up.

14. Not having a set bar to go to before you venture downtown

Because there are SO many bars to choose from, right?

15. Not allowing yourself to spend any money to have fun

Alright, let's admit it. Ottawa is pretty boring but the fun things do cost money. Let yourself live a little bit, and you'll definitely find yourself loving the city more and more!

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