Ottawa is such a diverse city, and it's only growing bigger and bigger everyday. We take on trends, slowly, but we are much more focused on the jobs and the well-being of the residents here. Ottawa is a city that feels like a small town, but you learn to love it if you're proud of it. Here are the 13 reasons why you should be proud of your hometown:

1. Ottawa is one of the safest cities in North America, and is said to be the 4th safest city in Canada.

2. We have the biggest naturally frozen skating rink. The Rideau Canal was given that title by The Guinness World Records in 2005 and it has no changed since.

3. Last year, Ottawa was ranked in the top 5 coldest capitals in the world. Probably not something to be proud of, but pretty cool that we're recognized for something that we despise about the city!

4. We welcome people with open arms, and also give them a piece of us. Whenever Obama visits, we leave him with cookies to take home to his family. Freshly baked, and definitely with our love.

5. Ottawa is such a multi-cultural city, we need to celebrate all ethnicities with a festival.

6. Ottawa has been known for being the most educated city in Canada and one of the most in the world, considering 61% of workers here have a post-secondary degree.

7. Ottawa steps up their game every year, and it's been put on people's bucket lists to spend Canada Day here at least once.

8. One day a year, we let Parliament Hill be nothing but a building and allow smokers to do what they please on 4/20. It's a city of freedom, but people feel it more on this day than ever.

9. We are the home of Justin Trudeau, the hottest Prime Minister we've had to date. And being able to run into him whenever definitely is a plus *drools*

10. We have so many amazing places to be outdoors in the summer and winter, and even though we've all done it before, the experience and views are amazing.

11. Our going out scene may not be as big as Toronto's, but Ottawa gives us memories at the same places in the ByWard Market, and everyone can relate to each other.

12. Ottawa may be slow to take on trends, but when we do we come out with something amazing. The new CF Rideau Centre, the Vimy Memorial Bridge, and the long awaited redesigns of a few museums.

13. If you're looking for a city that has rural, suburban and urban areas, Ottawa is a perfect mix of all three which makes it easy to live here in any chapter of your life.

14. We take brewing very seriously here, and it shows through the vast growing of breweries. They're all different in some way, but it's a good idea to take a brewery tour to find out what local beer is your favourite.

15. And of course, Ottawa is such a great and welcoming city, it was ranked #1 on MoneySense's list of best places to live in Canada. Slow claps for Ottawa!

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