Even if you've lived in Ottawa forever, there are definitely some things that you'll never get used to. Like how some buses don't have air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter. Or how some of the world still doesn't know we're the capital of Canada and not Toronto.

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Living here all your life can be exhausting, but it's also a great place to grow up. There is just a lot of confusing things that happen that we don't have the answers to. It's not a fast paced city, but there is also something always happening. Weird, right? If you agree, then read on and you'll definitely agree with most of these things!

1. The cost of a bus pass or Presto Card.

I'll just walk.

2. Our lack of seasons.

Winter can go until May and summer can go until November. We usually just skip fall and spring.

3. How gross our 'beaches' are.

Don't even think about dunking your head under water.

4. The amount of construction that happens in this city.

Driving downtown? Haha. Good luck.

5. How difficult it is to find a job here.

*sends out 80 resumes* *hears back once*

6. The cost of living anywhere in Ottawa.

See #5. These problems go hand in hand.

7. How we're the forgotten city for concerts.

We are the capital, but hardly.

8. How everyone knows everyone, even if you don't.

It's weird, it's really weird.

9. Only knowing 20% of bands that play at Bluesfest.

Seriously, you're lying if you say you're a fan of most of the bands that play.

10. How much we love the Ottawa Senators.

And if you're a Habs or Leafs fan, gtfo.

11. All of our adorable coffee shops that we can't get enough of.

Seriously, where do you even start? We got lucky with that.

12. Why tourists even bother coming here.

We get it, it's the capital. But aren't you bored?

13. How OC Transpo bus drivers don't see you running for the bus.

You have VERY large side mirrors, you're just mean.

14. Why Carleton and uOttawa have a rivalry.

You're both great schools. Let's move on.

15. Why someone wouldn't want to live here.

It's a calm, safe and great city to live in. Everyone that leaves misses it, let's be real. Ottawa is home!

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