Don't get me wrong... I love Ottawa, but with so many other places in the world, I can't guarantee that I'll stay here forever. There is quite a bit to do in Ottawa and the city is still developing, but I can't help but wonder what it would be like to live in a different city. Imagine living in Toronto, the city that is always buzzing or staying somewhere like Vancouver where the mountainous views are unreal. I do know I will 99.9% stay in Canada because I truly love this country, but the province I'll stay in forever is still up in the air. 

Ottawa is a wonderful city to live in. We live super close to the beautiful Gatineau mountains, meaning every fall we have the chance to go for a stunning hike. There are so many tasty restaurants around the city and soooo many delicious dessert places to have a sweet treat at. Not to mention the fact that there are a ton of hidden gems popping up around every corner in the city. With all of these positives you may be wondering why TF would someone even move?!

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Well moving all depends on what you prefer as a person. If you're more of a chilled out person then maybe Ottawa is perfect for you because it is pretty chill and relaxed. But if you're someone that always likes going out and about to do something new, then perhaps visiting a new city isn't such a bad idea. Now of course I am not telling people to move from Ottawa, that would be insane, but you may have a slight urge to leave for some of these reasons. 

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Stay In Ottawa Forever: You go on a hike in Gatineau every fall and summer

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A ton of people are bored of doing this every summer and fall, but if you're someone that loves it and can't go a year without missing a hike, then you're 100% meant to stay in Ottawa. A huge pro for living in Ottawa is the fact that we live just a stone throw away from the stunning Gatineau hills. If you look forward to your annual hikes, don't move. 

Move ASAP: You've conquered literally all of Ottawa's Hidden Gems

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I mean... once you've finished conquering all the hidden gems, what else is there to do? If you have been to every single hidden gem in the city you might be feeling like the city has no more gems. So if you're completely sick of going to the same old "hidden gems", it may be time to consider your escape plan.

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Stay In Ottawa Forever: You're in love with all of Ottawa's tasty restaurants across the city

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If you're someone that always knows where to eat and what to get, then why would you want to go through the hassle of learning it all again in a completely new city. Honestly, trying out places to eat that you genuinely like can take forever, so if you're a self-proclaimed Ottawa-Foodie pro, then you're all set to stay.

Move ASAP: You're craving a city with tall skyscrapers and stunning skylines

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Ottawa is not home to many skyscrapers, honestly it seems like there aren't any at all. Yes you can go on Bank Street and maybe fulfill this desire, but it's nothing compared to cities like Toronto or New York City. If you're completely done with living in skyscraper-less city then you should 100% consider moving. 

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Stay In Ottawa Forever: The view of Parliament Hill STILL leaves you in awe 


Honestly, if you still get stunned when you walk by Parliament Hill, then you are truly meant to stay here. If you've stayed here forever and see it so often that the shock value is gone, then it's time to leave. Seeing Parliament is always an experience when it's the first couple of times, but once you've see it at least once a week, you start to get bored of it. 

Move ASAP: Not even doing unique activities in Ottawa excites you

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Horse riding, palm reading, axe throwing... if those all sound super pointless and boring, it may be time to switch up locations. When even the most unusual yet fun things are boring to you, then you should definitely check out what other cities have to offer. 

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Stay in Ottawa Forever: You love shopping at local clothing shops around Ottawa

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Some people go shopping at all of Ottawa's local clothing stores, if you're one of those people, then you are for sure meant to stay here forever. The local shops in the city are all super cute and sell perfect outfits. If you're the type to completely avoid shops like H&M or Forever 21 and go to local spots instead, then you should for sure stay in Ottawa.

Move ASAP: You always crave a boujee and luxurious lifestyle

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Ottawa does have a few boujee things to do, but it definitely isn't a city known for its luxury. If you love window shopping at luxury hand bang shops or seeing high-end cars drive past you on the street then Ottawa is not your place to be. Maybe consider Vancouver or Dubai for a super extravagant life. 

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Stay In Ottawa Forever: You have a flawless outdoor workout plan throughout different parts of the city

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Working out outside is the BEST. If you're someone that gets super excited for the summer because that means running along the canal or climbing the Parliament stairs then why would you even consider leaving?

Move ASAP: Just the thought of Winterlude makes your skin crawl

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Winterlude is one of Ottawa's most iconic events and if it fails to excite you even the slightest, then maybe you should check out other cities. Now, this probably has something to do with the freezing cold, but there are some places in Canada that are a little warmer than Ottawa and I promise there are places around the world that are much hotter. 

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Stay in Ottawa Forever: Skating on the Rideau Canal annually has become a tradition

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If you skate on the Rideau Canal every year then you are for sure a true Ottawan at heart. This is one of the most Ottawan things you can do in the city and if it's a tradition for you every single year then you can't move. Honestly, can you even picture living in a different city and not being able to skate along the canal with a Beavertail in hand?!

Move ASAP: You're always planning your next trip OUT of Ottawa

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If you find yourself constantly searching for cheap flight tickets and booking hotels, then you clearly are already trying to get out. This may be a clear sign that you're totally over Ottawa and are in search for new adventures in your life!

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Stay in Ottawa Forever: You can stare at Ottawa's views from Andaz Ottawa Byward Market all day

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Bored of Ottawa's stunning city views?! NO WAY. If you aren't totally tired of staring at our semi-skyline-less city then you are for sure meant to stay in Ottawa. You could spend every evening watching the sunset down by the castle on the (Parliament) Hill (yes... I just did that and I feel embarrassed for myself).

Move ASAP: All of Ottawa's museums make you yawn​​​​​​​

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From constant field trips to free Thursday's you may feel like you've been to every museum and seen ever exhibit. The thought of visiting a museum in Ottawa completely bores you and you'd rather explore a new museum somewhere else. 

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Stay In Ottawa Forever: You have a specific cafe you always go to and the baristas know your name​​​​​​​

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If the baristas know your name and a little bit about you, then you are meant to stay here. Whether they know your exact drink or your favourite snack, your neighbourhood barista has always got your back.

Move ASAP: You're simply completely and utterly BORED of Ottawa

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This can happen when you do the same things everyday, month, and year. Going through the usual routine of fall hikes in Gatineau, winter skating on the canal, spring tulip festival, and summer patios, all doesn't excite you at all anymore. You're totally over Ottawa and want a new adventure in your life. Head somewhere different, meet new people, and try out different things!

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