If you've been to Algonquin, you've been a freshman. And some of you have been seniors or are currently seniors, which is somehow the least and most stressful year of school. Being a freshman at Algonquin is cool, you get to eat the amazing pizza in the caf for the first time, meet new people who have the same interests as you and stress out over things that aren't that important. Then you become a senior a couple years later and you realize how lazy you actually are, how your profs turn into your friends and how many naps you need to make it through the day.

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If you're a senior at Algonquin College, you've stopped looking for a seat in the library, you've definitely missed a few 'mandatory' classes and you live for the Starbucks on campus. Since graduation time is right around the corner for seniors and freshmen are almost through their first year of school at Algonquin, let's look at the difference between the two.

Here are 15 differences between freshmen and seniors at Algonquin College: 

1. Cancelled classes

Freshmen: "Damn! I really liked that class. Oh well, more time to work on homework!"

Seniors: "I wasn't going anyways. Do we have homework?"

2. Starbucks

Freshmen: "The Starbucks line is way too long. I'll be late to class, I can't risk it."

Seniors: "I'm still in bed. I'll be about 45 minutes late to class. Can you pick me up Starbucks? I'll buy you one tomorrow."

3. Figuring out where your classes are

Freshmen: *Shows up two hours before class to map out the school/time themselves*

Seniors: "I have my first class in P building and my second class in B building and they're back to back? That's funny. I'll be failing that second one."

4. Finding a place to study

Freshmen: "Let's find an empty classroom so we can use the whiteboard and that way it'll be super quiet!"

Seniors: "Want to find an empty classroom to nap in?"

5. Having a long break between classes

Freshmen: "I was thinking we could maybe do the communications project on break? You don't work during the 5 hour break right?"

Seniors: "Alright, see you tomorrow. Bye."

6. Missing the bus with a project to hand in

Freshmen: *Messages every single person in the class to ask them to let the prof know you'll be there soon, and you just missed your bus."

Seniors: *Gets to class late* "We have a project due?"

7. Being talked to by people at a booth in Student Commons

Freshmen: *Stops to find out what they're talking about, takes the free candy and tells everyone in their class about it*

Seniors: *Look down at your phone and don't make eye contact while pushing people out of the way*

8. Taking a Glue Magazine

Freshmen: *Sees the person handing them out* *Reaches for one with a smile*

Seniors: "I don't want this garbage." *throws on the nearest bench*

9. Getting your student ID card

Freshmen: *Spends all morning getting ready, waits in the 30 minute line, shows their mom their photo*

Seniors: "I don't need one."

10. Shopping at College Square

Freshmen: "We should go shopping at College Square after class on Friday! A great way to celebrate making it through the week."

Seniors: "I'll just park my car here. If I get caught, whatever. I'm too tired for this."

11. Buying breakfast at the caf

Freshmen: "I'm gonna get the western omelette with home fries, oh and a chocolate milk sounds so good. Should I get a muffin too?"

Seniors: *Doesn't eat all day* *Eats kraft dinner before a nap at home*

12. Seeing a concert at the Algonquin Commons Theatre

Freshmen: "Okay, we HAVE to see them in concert! And let's make a bucket list to go to every concert they have this year, it'll be so fun!"

Seniors: "Let's go see him in concert!" *Never follows up and doesn't go*

13. 6-week placement

Freshmen: "I'm so excited! I can't wait for third year, I know exactly what I want to do. It's my dream job!"

Seniors: *A few months before placement* "I have no idea what to do with my life."

14. The Observatory

Freshmen: "Let's go to dirty bingo! We can only have a couple of drinks though, we have class tomorrow at 8 am."

Seniors: *Gets wasted before a class, decides to go and leaves halfway to bus home at 3 pm to nap*

15. Blackboard/Canvas problems

Freshmen: *Puts in Facebook status* "Is Blackboard not working for anyone else?! C'mon Algonquin, get it together! Trying to do homework here!"

Seniors: "Whatever." *closes laptop and goes home*

16. The Print Shop

Freshmen: "Full colour. Glossy paper please. Yes, those four projects are mine. Can I get them all bound as well?"

Seniors: "Black and white. What? No. Stop. Regular paper. Who gets glossy?"

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