Plane tickets aren't exactly in everyone's budget, but there's plenty of spots here in Ottawa that can satisfy your appetite for adventure. Literally.

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The international culinary scene is wide and diverse in Canada's capital, with restaurants offering food from almost all seven continents. Whether you may be planning a future trip to Europe or maybe reminiscing on a backpacking trip in Asia, Ottawa's got authentic taste that will make you nostalgic or maybe introduce you to something new.

So, where are you travelling to?


The Americas and the Caribbean


East Asia

Southeast Asia

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St. Martha's Brasserie D'Orleans // France

La vie est belle when you're delving into French classics, like onion soup and tartare, at this authentic French restaurant out in Orleans.

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Caravela // Portugal

Part of Orleans' booming restaurant scene, this relatively new Portuguese restaurant has some delicious, well-seasoned piri-piri chicken amongst other national culinary classics like flambeed chorizo (imported sausages) and paella.

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The Soca Kitchen // Spain

At Soca, it's all about the small plates. If you're looking to explore the popular tradition of Spanish tapas, the dinner menu has a wide range of finger foods that you can sample and share for a diverse culinary experience.

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Pilos Restaurant // Greece

You might not be on the black sandy beaches of Santorini, but the chicken or beef souvlaki plates and the lamb should at least satisfy your longing for genuine Greek cuisine. Some house-made Greek salad and Tzatziki won't be too bad on the sad, either.

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La Bottega // Italy

La Bottega is one of many celebrated Italian restaurants in the city and is centrally located in the heart of the ByWard Market. With its delicious, fresh affordable take-out sandwiches that are popular amongst 9-5ers, its gained a firm reputation in the city. At lunch time, if you'd rather sit down, La Bottega also serves up genuine pasta and pizza using ingredients imported directly from the motherland.

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Havana Cafe // Cuba

Rest assured, this is more authentic than you'll ever get in a Cuban resort. The chef, Oslaide Guerra, was born and raised in Cuba, where he finessed his culinary craft. Today, he makes up many delicious and hearty Cuban sandwiches as well as other dishes you won't find at resort buffets.

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Corazon de Maiz // Mexico

A cozy and colourful little spot tucked in the ByWard Market that offers simple Mexican fare, like tacos and quesadillas, in a casual, laid-back atmosphere.

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Caribbean Sizzler // Jamaica

Home to some of the best comfort food, this little Jamaican/caribbean joint has some of the finest jerk chicken in the city and some hearty authentic beans and rice to go with it. They also serve up affordable ($1.75) Jamaican patties, which are popular as well.

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Le Casablanca // Morocco

You can easily pass by this restaurant in the Market, which makes it one of the more hidden gems of Ottawa that are in plain sight. Named after the famous Moroccan city, this restaurant offers flavourful Moroccan at an inexpensive price with generous portions.

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Habesha // Ethiopia

Celebrate the finest food from the Horn of Africa at this intimate establishment that offers incredibly tasteful cuisine. Try the famous national dish, the Doro Wat, with hard boiled eggs and chicken, as well as a sharing platter.

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The Fry // South Korea

One of the most popular of traditions in South Korea is the tradition of fried chicken and beer, and The Fry certainly delivers it well in Ottawa. This long overdue fried chicken restaurant is a blessing, offering genuine Korean beer and even delectable creamy cheese corn (guaranteed to become your new favourite side).


Royal Treasure // China

It's a given fact that the best Chinese restaurants are the ones where Chinese people go to. Royal Treasure has been serving Ottawa since 1993 and is just one of many genuine Chinese restaurants located in the heart of Chinatown. The prices are also very affordable in comparison to the portions.

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Soul Stone Restaurant // Japan

This fairly recent upscale sushi bar operates out of Orleans and excels both in crafting its sushi and presenting it. Being a fusion restaurant, Soul Stone also offers up Chinese and Thai food, which can all be enjoyed during their affordable lunch buffets.

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Pho Thu Do // Vietnam

It ain't easy picking the best pho in Ottawa. Having one of the largest Vietnamese communities in Canada and a number of authentic Vietnamese restaurants located around Somerset, the choices are endless. Nonetheless, Pho Thu Do is acclaimed for its quality service, broth and spring rolls and is an excellent starting point for your culinary pho adventure.


Tamis Cafe // Phillipines

Owned and run by a Filipino family, this unprecedented restaurant offers some of our favourite south-east Asian dishes, like pork chops and a sweet halo-halo to take it all down.

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Siam Bistro // Thailand

Backpackers know well and true that Thai food is some of the best in SE Asia, and Siam Bistro doesn't fall short on delivering. You'll find some terrific pad thai here made from genuine Thai chefs.

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