There comes a time when adulting becomes a thing. It's actually sorta spooky. We've spent our entire lives in school going through the same old daily routine and now we have to become grownups. We got to apply for big kid jobs, save money for retirement and take daily commutes on the OC Transpo. Awful.

This is what uni led us to. Mistakes were made on the way. One or two, but that's life. It's not worth going through life with regret, but there's definitely a few things I wish my freshman self knew. K, maybe a lot of things.

Here are 16 things I wish I told my Carleton freshman self:

1. Look hot for that student card photo.

'Cause it's going to follow you around for the rest of your undergrad. Believe me.

2. You can wait an extra few days to get your UPass.

Or you'll be there for an extra few days. Waiting.

3. Book off work for the Panda Game.

You gotta go.

4. CU Wireless won't always be there for you.

Neither will CU Wireless Help, whatever that is.

5. If you don't like pamphlets or salsa dancing, avoid walking through Uni Centre.

You will not make it through.

6. Pack a lunch.

1/8 of my OSAP money went toward Tim Horton's breakfast sandwiches.

7. Charge your laptop battery before class.

Good luck finding a plug.

8. Sleep.

What is life without it.

9. Make mistakes.

You're not perfect. K, almost, but be humble.

10. Do what you love.

Take a major you LIKE. Pick that elective because you'll ENJOY it. Take that selfie with the Gandhi statue. This is your experience. Make it.

11. But avoid that 8:30 class like the plague.


12. You don't need to buy every textbook.

Or any, but let's just keep that between you and me.

13. Everything always works out in the end.

That exam you think you're going to fail? The assignment that's due in three hours? It'll work out. Always.

14. There's no rush.

Take a year off and travel. Take a year off after high school. Eat, Pray, Love. Carleton's not going anywhere.

15. School's important, but so is being a human.

Be social, don't drown yourself in never-ending coursework. There are a lot more things important than getting an A on the final.

16. Time goes by really, really quickly.

Seriously, how am I even graduating? I'm not even an adult yet.

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