We all get stuck in the rut of going to the same restaurants. And we all have that friend that says "I don't care!" and secretly does care and shuts down every place you suggest. You all know who that friend is. 

With so many amazing restaurants in Ottawa for literally any occasionit is hard to choose sometimes. If your girlfriend, boyfriend or friend can't decide where they want to go, change up their surroundings. Non-vegans don't know how delicious vegan food is until they try it, so force them to! And if they're too scared, take them to these bucket list vegan places first. They won't disappoint! 

Here are 16 vegan foods in Ottawa that your non-vegan friends with freaking love:

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Charcuterie Board at Café My House // 1015 Wellington St W

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Nachos at Rawlicious // 381 Cooper Street

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Strawberry "Cream" Donut at Maverick's Donut Company // 1500 Bank Street 

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Sloppy Joes at Grow Your Roots Cafe // 220 Terence Matthews Crescent

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Korean Cauliflower "Wings" at Pure Kitchen // Multiple Locations

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Ice Cream at Moo Shu Ice Cream // 477 Bank St

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Hearty Bowl at Pirho Grill // 81 Riocan Ave

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Any Wrap at La Belle Verte // 166 Eddy St

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Raw Cookie Dough Bites at The Fuel Bar // 99 Metcalfe St #106

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Popcorn Tofu at So Good Restaurant // 717 Somerset St W

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"Chicken" Pad Thai at Asian Stars Restaurant // 1380 Clyde Ave

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Any Dessert at Feline Café // 1076 Wellington St W

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Mac n "Cheese" at Little Jo Berry's // 1303 Wellington St W

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Pizza at Fiazza Fresh Fired // 86 Murray Street

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Veggie Tacos at TacoLot // 999 Wellington St W

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Gluten-free Brownie at The Joy of Gluten Free // Multiple Locations 

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