If you live in Ottawa, then you know the easiest way to get around is the OC Transpo. It's reliable most of the time, and it takes you to the most important parts of the city. Better yet, it always makes for a hilarious story to tweet about or drop in the group chat. If you've ridden the bus long enough, you've probably seen a pattern in the type of people that decide to ride along.

This city is filled with so much character, and you can usually find it on the OC Transpo. Morning, day, or night, you're bound to come in contact with one or more of these people. No matter how annoying or how hilarious these people are, we are all guilty of being OC Transpo snobs. So here are 17 people you're bound to meet while riding the OC Transpo:

1. The one that refuses to bathe.

Sir, if you're going to be surrounded by people in a compact tube, can you at least give yourself a sponge bath? No, covering your B.O. with cheap cologne does not help.

2. The two-seat taker.

That person who sits on the outside seat and puts their bag on the seat next to them. I don't care if your whole life is in that bag, move over.

3. The one that won't shut up.

Whether it's a conversation on the phone or with a friend they haven't seen in so long, you know their whole life story by the end of the bus ride. Girl, we don't need to know when your last Pap test was, but thanks!

4. The sleeper.

Did he miss his stop? Why is he so tired? Did he just start snoring? You get second hand anxiety for this person and just can't seem to stop staring. We hope you make it home okay, sir.

5. The annoying teens who have clearly never ridden the bus.

That young couple that are still in puppy love, those 'emo' kids who look miserable with their friends, or that group of girls taking selfies and laughing at their phones. They also refuse to sit, and refuse to hold onto the poles that provide stability. Isn't it past your bedtime?

6. The one who thinks the bus is a dinner table.

Even though their food looks good, is it necessary to eat a bowl of curry on the bus? Can't you wait 5 minutes until your stop?

7. The travelling makeup guru.

That girl who can't wake up 20 minutes earlier so she makes the entire bus watch her do her makeup like a YouTube video. How she doesn't get mascara all over her face when the bus abruptly stops, we'll never know.

8. The annoying music blaster.

Listen, if I can hear you rocking out to My Chemical Romance better than you can, it's too fvcking loud. We get how cool you are with your Skull Candy headphones, but the chains on your pants and your DC shoes tell us otherwise.

9. The space invaders.

When you finally walk onto a semi-empty bus and someone sits down right next to you. Do you mind? Cause I do. #buzzkill

10. The creepy starer.

Can I help you with something? Every time you look up, this person has their eyes locked on you. So tempting to keep staring back but I'm not a creep.

11. The one that won't move.

It's essential, and an actual written rule, to give up your seat to those of priority and just a characteristic of being a good person. But there's always that one person that sits in priority seating and stares at the ground the whole time so they don't have to look at anyone. A big FU to those people–not cool.

12. The one who fights with the bus driver.

Trying to make it seem like it's the bus driver's fault that their pass expired a week ago, or just wanting to start drama at 3 a.m. Dude, no one has the energy or the patience for your personality. Bye.

13. The one that rings the bell at every unnecessary stop.

We all know that the bus will automatically stop at Baseline and Rideau, yet there is always that one person that doesn't realize it. It's like an unwritten rule, it's just embarrassing at this point.

14. The one who doesn't know the meaning of travelling lightly.

A suitcase, a stroller, shopping bags and 3 other kids? I know you have to get around the city, but there are things called taxis for a reason. I don't need to know your whole life story, but are you good? I think I'd rather walk.

15. The one that reeks of weed.

First whiff: did someone get sprayed with a skunk? Nope, just another weed smoker to join the pack on this bus. This is inevitable late at night, but sometimes you get super lucky with a whiff right in the morning.

16. The news-invested individual.

Whether its Metro News, The Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Sun or all three, you know this person lives for the daily newspaper on the bus. They never look up from the paper the entire bus ride and you can see them checking Twitter and Facebook on their phone right before their stop. Concerning, but also intriguing.

17. The obviously sick person who didn't stay home from work.

This person is probably one of the worst. From coughing, to blowing their nose, to sneezing everywhere, it's a recipe for disaster. You're bound to wake up with a cold within the next week and you know exactly who gave it to you. Just another reason to love winter in Ottawa.

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