It's hard to explain to someone that you're from Barrhaven. This suburb has a lot of stigma around it, and we get it.

The joys of living in a suburb. Where every piece of land slowly but surely gets turned into some sort of shopping centre. And Barrhaven is no exception. We've been blessed with... well, a Costco. And we're pretty happy about it but like any other place in the world, there are many struggles that come along with being from Barrhaven. So here are 17 things that some of us have or had struggled with while living in Barrhaven:

1. Being called Farrhaven.

I mean, it's funny. But we know it's far.

2. The Greenbank Road construction.

It's finally over. But is construction really ever over in Barrhaven?

3. All your friends being from Old Barrhaven and you're from New Barrhaven.

Or vice versa. The biggest divide in the world.

4. The four-way stop at RioCan.

So. Much. Anxiety. Stop, it's my turn.

5. The only body of water in Barrhaven is the Barrhaven Quarry, which is illegal.

*goes anyways for an Instagram*

6. 'Knowing someone' but not actually 'knowing them'.

"I know the name. Who are they friends with?"

7. Getting invited to someone's birthday downtown.

I'll either predrink way more than I should, or I just won't come.

8. New stores keep getting built, and it's never anything we want.

Weren't we promised a Lone Star? Do we really need another grocery store, though?

9. Deciding to go to the gas station in your pyjamas thinking you won't see anyone you know.

*Sees 8 people from high school*

10. Having to go to Orleans for some reason...

So should I bus there, drive the 45 minutes or just fake the flu?

11. "I want to try a new restaurant!"

Looks like we'll have to venture 30 minutes out of Barrhaven then.

12. Shopping means having to go all the way to Bayshore or CF Rideau Centre.

If you're feeling lazy, at least we have Winners.

13. The debate between venturing out or just going to Heart & Crown.

Either a 40 dollar Uber or we can walk from someones house. Hmmmm.

14. Having to explain someone you're dating that you live in Barrhaven.

Please don't judge. Just take it up with my parents.

15. The two lane roundabout on Jockvale.

No thank you. Is there another way I can go?

16. Arriving at Fallowfield Station and seeing 19 people you know get on the bus.

I'm tired and hungry, can't we just pretend we don't see each other?

17. Sunday mornings at Broadways.

Only a struggle because no one ever looks good. But it's acceptable now to walk in with makeup on from the night before.

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