If you live in Ottawa, then you've definitely heard about how boring or lame the city is. This is unfortunate for the locals because we spend most of our weekends pondering what to do only to come to the conclusion that there's literally nothing to do! 

There's a long list of things that Ottawans really hate about the city, and you'll most definitely hear about something on the list at least once a day.  Although the city is expanding and it does have a lot to offer, there are still so many things Ottawans love to hate about Canada's Capital!

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1. The transit system, obviously

The lack of subway, buses always being too late or too early, not enough of the bus YOU need to get home, packed buses, the list goes on! Hopefully with the introduction of the light rail system, Ottawans can secure some peace of mind but until then... the struggle is real!

2. The lack of nightclubs

Okay, Ottawa does have a good amount of nightclubs but not nearly as many as Toronto or Montreal, leaving Ottawans to travel to other cities in order to get a real taste of clubbing. Even with the clubs we have here, none of them are really allllll that; half the time they're empty anyways!

3. The small size of the city 

If you're trying to escape the city while staying in the city, you probably won't. It's so small that if you drive for longer than 10 minutes on the highway, you end up in Barrhaven or Orléans! I mean, you save gas but you're still running into the same people, *sigh*.

4. The fact that everyone knows everyone

When you're out with your new bae and you run into your ex bae's best friends, talk about awkward! There's literally no way to escape your high school classmates in the city because you're bound to make friends with someone who also knows them. Thought your new boo was mysterious and unknown? Yea, you guys actually have 107 mutual Facebook friends. Nice try though!

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5. The lack of designer stores

Ottawans should honestly be proud of our Nordstrom. If you're trying to grab some items from the new Louis Vuitton x Supreme collab, you're definitely going to have to travel for that! Even if you somehow magically manage to get it online, is it worth the wait? The same can be said for pretty much any other designer brand including Gucci, Fear of God, Bape, and so many more; we're just trying to live our hype beast dreams!

6. The fact that artists don't ever come to the city on tour

You already know this. How many times have you waited days for your favourite artist to release their tour schedule only to find out they're not even coming to Ottawa?! Once you finally stop moping around and wallowing in your sadness, you have to come to the realization that if you do decide to travel to see them live, you're going to have to pay for accommodations and food now, too! 

7. The options we have for radio stations

One can only listen to the same 5 songs on the New Hot 899 and Jump 106.9 for so long... Good jams, though. 

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8. The winters here are absolutely brutal

With winter slowly creeping up on us, flashbacks of last year's struggles come back to me. Weather hitting -40, buses getting stuck in the snow, and power outages; I'm definitely not ready.

9. People really suck at driving here

This can probably be said for any city but as an Ottawan, I'm just going to say it's extra bad here! You'll either have people going 40 in 60 zones or people going 100 in 60 zones, there's no in between.

10. The only way to secure a job is by working for the government

Contrary to popular belief, Ottawa isn't entirely a government city, but it's definitely one of the most secure ways to lock in a stable career. Unfortunately with the government, it's also highly unlikely you'll find a job in the discipline you spent so much money on in university!

11. The lack of support for local artists

Ottawa's local talent is boomin'! Unfortunately, there isn't much support for our artists. With cities like Toronto putting Drake, NAV, Roy Woods, Ramriddlz and many more on the map, there isn't anyone you could really hold to that high of a pedestal in Ottawa.

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12. There isn't enough of anything

Not enough hip hop clubs, not enough buses, not enough limited quality items, not enough jobs, not enough anything! It feels like Ottawa is constantly getting the short end stick of things and it really sucks for the locals.

13. The city is ten years behind Toronto and Montreal

Umm, why are we just getting a 'subway' now, in 2017?

14. There isn't really anything special to do

Going to Tequila Jack's for the 6th consecutive weekend in a row can get really tiring. This year, with the 150th anniversary celebrations, there was definitely so many more events happening in the city, but where was all this in 2016? or 2015? or 2014?... 

15. No one knows where or what Ottawa is

"Ottawa? What's that?" A question I've heard countless times when travelling outside of the city. Yet, when I mention that it's the capital of Canada, this is followed by "I thought that was Toronto", *sigh*, nope it's not. 

16. There aren't enough cute guys

Okay, maybe this is entirely subjective but I can't be the ONLY one tired of seeing pictures of guys holding up fish on Tinder, can I?!

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17. The city is *gasp* boring

Ahh, of course. The most common statement you'll hear when in Ottawa, it's just oh so boring.

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