For some, Twitter is an outlet to let out random thoughts that no one truly cares about. And for others, it's a way to complain without actually needing to say it out loud. No matter what you tweet about, whoever follows you is bound to read it and retweet it if it's relatable. Especially when you live in such a small city where things never happen, we all pretty much have the same complaints.

Many of us in Ottawa love to give a shoutout to how crappy the OC Transpo is or how the snow is ruining our lives. But there are many more things people in Ottawa talk about on Twitter and it's always the same stuff. Don't lie and say you haven't tweeted at least one of these things, we're all guilty of complaining about nothing just for the sake of it.

1. Live-tweeting the Sens game.

Sorry, what was the score again? I can't find it anywhere.

2. Being excited for fall in the middle of summer.

And also tweeting about being ready for summer in the middle of winter. We can't ever win.

3. Sarcastically not being bothered by the OC Transpo always being late.

"No OC Transpo, it's totally fine. I didn't have to make it to school on time anyways!"

4. "I'm so bored, why do I live in the most boring city in the world?"

@ Ottawa, don't subtweet though.

5. How we have no real beaches here in Ottawa.

...honestly, I have to agree.

7. And also retweeting articles of E.  Coli being found in our beaches.

Sorry what? No thanks.

8. Whenever it snows.

We've all looked outside. We know what's happening.

9. A full review on any concert at the Canadian Tire Centre because it's rare that good artists come here.

Everyone on your timeline hates you but secretly is intrigued.

10. Anytime there is news of Chipotle opening up in Ottawa.

But Mucho Burrito is where it's at. Sorry.

11. Posting a random picture every time they're in nature.

We don't get out much during the year so when we do we have to let everyone know on every form of social media.

12. When something goes wrong at a local business.

Trying to get free stuff by complaining on Twitter 60% of the time works every time.

13. When any D-List celeb is spotted in Ottawa.

We don't get many cool visitors here but we do have Trudeau.

14. Tourists coming here and complaining that there's nothing to do.


15. Not being able to find a job in Ottawa.


16. Being so excited to get out of this city.

Yo, we know you're just going to Montreal for a weekend. Don't hype it up too much.

17. How packed Downtown is on Canada Day.

Really? Noooo, never!

18. Trying to call it the 'Twa to make yourself look cool.

It's never ever going to catch on.

19. Complaining in exactly 140 characters about how much they hate cyclists.

It's a scary world out there for cyclists and drivers in Ottawa.

20. Giving thanks to living in such a safe city when something bad goes on in the world.

Seriously though, #blessed

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