There was something so great about going to the grocery store with your Mom as a kid. You got to hang on to the cart while she did all the thinking, and every once and a while if you were good she would allow a treat to go in the cart. Back in the '90s there were so many crazy foods (if you can even call them that) popping up in grocery stores that it was hard to choose just one. However, most times we just begged and begged until our Mom's head were practically spinning. And the answer 90% of the time was no.

We always wanted to have the coolest lunches at school but most of the time it consisted of a bologna sandwich and a Minute Maid fruit punch juice box. Now, we can appreciate why our parents didn't want us eating dyed food all the freaking time but back then it was the worst thing in the world. So laugh along with this article and ask yourself now if you would still beg your parents for any of 20 these foods (note: I would still beg my parents for the McDonald's pizza if it was around. Just saying.)

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1. Baby Bottle Pop

Literally pure. sugar. No wonder why our parents refused to give them to us. 

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2. Heinz EZ Squirt

Honestly what a world we lived in–when purple and green ketchup was the biggest deal of the year. 

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3. SunnyD

Breakfast, lunch or dinner this shit was lit. 

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4. Super Kid Ice Cream

Honestly, it'd probably still be my first choice. 

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5. Fruit Gushers

The coolest kid around when you took these out of your lunchbox. 

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6. Candy Cigarettes

Scaring the shit out of your parents cause these looked SO real. 

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7. Crystal Pepsi

Still don't understand, but back then this was the coolest and the strangest invention. 

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8. Dunkaroos

Let's be real, we still probably contemplate buying these every once and a while. 

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9. Push-Up Popsicles


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10. Lunchables

These were great until they came out with the hot dog version... too far. Always too far. 

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11. Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

The most inconvenient gum ever but man did it taste good. 

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12. Kid Cuisine

The definition of a poor kids meal but you did not mind. 

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13. Quaker Dinosaur Eggs Oatmeal

Back then we didn't question anything... but now I'm wondering, how the f*ck does this work?

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14. French Toast Crunch

Not a part of a nutritious breakfast at all but it was delicious AF. 

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15. Fruit by the Foot

Thinking about it now, how gross was it when we would wrap these around our fingers and suck on them? #kinkykids

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16. Fruit to Go

The true definition of #health in the '90s. 

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17. Bagel Bites

When these were for dinner you knew you did something right.

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18. McDonald's Pizza

Honestly why don't they still sell these? Please explain. 

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19. Bugles

The best part of these were the annoying finger claws you would make before eating them.

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20. Alpha-ghetti

When your parents really didn't feel like cooking dinner but still wanted to please you. A few of these were always in the shopping cart just in case.

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