Ottawa is home to so many couples always trying to find something fun to do in the government capital of Canada. Although it may seem tricky there are so many options to choose from!

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Whether you're sportsy, artsy, lowkey, or adventurous Ottawa has options for all. Even if you're a funky combination of them all these activities are fun for anyone to try.

Sporty Girls

Artsy Girls

Lowkey Girls

Adventurous Girls 

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Date Ideas For Your Sporty Ottawa Girl:


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Swing, climb, and get active at OCR Academy 

1140 Morrison Dr

Feel like a kid swinging on monkey bars and poles. This fun activity is an amazing workout and will definitely leave you with some throwback elementary school callus'. 

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Go Hiking In Gatineau Park

Escape from the busy city and head to Gatineau Park for an amazing hike. The stunning views of nature and peaceful quiet will leave you lovebirds happy and feeling healthy.

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Get Your Hunger Games On At Archery Games

1860 Bank St

If you're looking for a good time, this place is so much fun. It will make you feel like you're truly in a battle and if you're a competitive couple that probably is right down your alley. You'll be running around, ducking from cover, and dodging all those arrows.

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Reach New Heights At Altitude Gym 

35 Boulevard Saint-Raymond

Rock climbing is so much fun and such a great workout. If you want to take your relationship to the next level Altitude Gym is the place to go. You can race each other up or encourage each other to get higher, both sound cute AF. 

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Play Bubble Soccer At FoOBZ 

This place is an absolute riot. You'll be bouncing, bumping, and rolling while attempting to score a goal in soccer. This twist on a classic soccer game is so much fun and will have your sporty girlfriend laughing all night. 

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Date Ideas For Your Artsy Ottawa Girl:

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Create Art At Flo's Glassblowing

957 Gladstone Ave

Choose your colors and shape at Flo's Glassblowing. Here you can create your own personalized ornaments, paperweight, cup, or oil lamp. Each time you go you can take higher level classes so you and your bae can keep going back to improve your skills and keep amazing personalized art in your home. 

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Go To The National Gallery of Canada

380 Sussex Dr

Enjoy beautiful art at the National Gallery Of Canada. This Ottawa landmark is definitly worth a visit if your girl is a lover of art. Every Thursday night after 5 pm the gallery is free, so if you're broke AF this date idea is perfect for you.

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Get Super Artsy At Paint Nite Ottawa 

123 Main Street

Unleash your creative side and head to Paint Nite Ottawa. All you need to do is head to their website, select an event, and buy your tickets. You lovebirds will enjoy the night and have a wonderful painting to keep at the end so you'll never forget the romantic date.

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Go Admire Ottawa's Wall Art 

Stroll the city hand in hand searching for stunning wall art painted around town. I'm also 99.9% sure she will likely ask you to take a photo of her infront of the stunning art, but that's just a guess. 

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Check Out Color Me Mine 

Multiple Locations

This is a perfect place to paint and really connect with your bae. Here you choose your own item to paint, paint it, Color Me Mine bakes and glazes it, and you can then take it home to forever remember the date. 

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Date Ideas For Your Lowkey Ottawa Girl:

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Play Some Games At The Loft Board Game Lounge 

14 Waller Street

If you two love competing in games, The Loft is a perfect place to go. Here you can enjoy food and drinks while playing your favourite games. The Loft has over 100 games to choose from so if you're looking for something specific I'm sure they'll have it.

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Unwind at Nordik Spa 

16 Chemin Nordik

Head to Nordik to completely unwind, relax, and disconnect from reality. This spa is completely immersed in nature and will have you feeling de-stressed the moment you drive in. With massages and pools going to Nordik is definitely worth the drive.

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Head To A Lowkey Cafe

Ottawa has so many amazing lowkey cafes and they are perfect for a date. With delicious snacks and amazing drinks these cute cafes in Ottawa will really make your date A1.

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Have A Cute Picnic At An Ottawa Park 

Pack up your favorite snacks and head to a park in Ottawa. Whether you pack an entire meal or simply some chips this will surely be a fun and romantic time.

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Have Desserts At Mantovani 1964 

87 Murray St

Quench your sweet tooths at this Italian gelato cafe. There's a scooter store next door and a wood oven pizza place just accross the street, you will really feel like you've flown to Italy. 

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Date Ideas For Your Adventurous Ottawa Girl:

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Check Out One Of Ottawa's Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are so much fun and perfect for an adventurous date night. You will be solving riddles, finding clues, and using codes to escape the room that you are locked in.  

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Go Bungee Jumping At Great Canadian Bungee

Route 105 Wakefield

Take a leap with your bae and bungee jump together. This is a bucket list activity for all thrill seekers. Bungee jumping is exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. 

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White Water Raft or Kayak At Wilderness Tours 

503 Rafting Rd

From white water rafting, bungee jumping, and kayaking, Wilderness Tours has many options!  This is the perfect place to go on a hot summers day. You can go with bae and make new friends or take your entire family for an adventure.

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Zipline, Climb, And Explore At Arbraska Laflèche 

255 Route Principale, Val-des-Monts

Ziplining, ariel courses, cave explorations, and snowshoeing the options are truly endless at Arbraska Laflèche! You and your bae can have a day packed full of adventure here.

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Go Parachuting At Parachute GO Skydive 

1717 Rue Arthur-Fecteau

Nothing screams adrenaline junkie as much as skydiving does. You and your S.O. likely won't jump out together, but the shared experience together is sure to bond you. 

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