Your 20s are supposed to be the best time of your life. You finally finish up school, get a job, and settle down. Jk, it definitely doesn't happen that easily. But in your 20s, after all the traveling you've done (if you're lucky) or if you're just looking to call a place a home, you look for a city that can give you what you want and more.

You figure out who you are in your 20s, and Ottawa is a great place to do so. We accept everyone, judge no one and we're probably too friendly at times. Home is where you can pretend to be an adult while still acting like a kid when it's acceptable, which is where Ottawa comes in. So here are 20 reasons to live in Ottawa in your 20s: 

1. We have so many cute cafes for you to catch up with your friends at.

Since we're all so busy in our 20s, there's no better way to catch up with someone.

2. The city is filled with people your age.

With Carleton, Algonquin College and uOttawa all around us, you'll never feel alone. 

3. Discover hiking at Gatineau Park while you're still young and willing.

4. There is always some way to make connections here.

A government city = always talking business. 

5. There are so many festivals to honour your ethnicity.

We usually figure out who we truly are in our 20s, so be proud of who you are and celebrate it!

6. Ottawa has proven to be music eclectic with festivals like Bluesfest, Escapade and Folk Fest.

7. The amount of breweries we have is probably not normal.

But we're definitely not complaining. It's always beer o'clock.

8. It hardly ever rains here which makes summer days, beach days and pool parties a must.

But if you're in your 20s and have lived here for a while, you'll know to avoid certain beaches. 

9. We have amazing public transpo.

The OC Transpo pretty much takes you anywhere but if it doesn't, the O-Train is your next best thing. And with the Confederation Line being built, we'll have no problems getting around.

10. The ByWard Market always has something to do and you can trust that you'll find people your age around.

Because old people know to avoid The Market late at night on the weekends. 

11. We have so many bucket list foods.

Goal: Try them all before you're 30!

12. You don't need money to have fun here.

13. Ottawa is slowly opening it's doors to the big health trend.

With cheap yoga, great vegan/vegetarian eats and a new love for green juice, your over-partied body will thank you. 

14. If you get sick of the city (which you probably will), there is nature all around us.

15. If you're over that drinking phase, there are plenty of fun things to do that don't involve alcohol.

16. Since the city is so small, you'll get noticed quickly for your talents.

Whether it's blogging or you're an amazing hair and makeup artist, you're bound to get noticed by word of mouth or social media. 

17. Tinder/Online Dating isn't too sketchy here.

Because you're bound to have mutual friends somehow so you can always ask around for advice. 

18. You don't need to go on a road trip to go shopping.

For a couple of years now, most shopping malls in Ottawa have been under construction and or expanding to fit all of our wants and needs. We still probably won't ever have a Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch but we're too old for that shit anyways.

19. We're all about team spirit.

The Ottawa Senators and REDBLACKS are home to us. Home games are like a special event, and a lot of people make a night out of it. You'll never be bored when there's a game on.

20. Ottawa is the perfect mix of a home and a city life.

Maybe you're not ready for the big city or you're looking for a place to call home... for now. Ottawa has both of those covered. Nothing is too far from downtown, and you can experience a big city vibe when you work there. You can have the best of both worlds but still have lots of options as to where you settle down when you're ready.

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