Whether you just started at Algonquin College, are about to graduate, or have a couple years left, you find yourself slipping into the ever so basic rules at Algonquin College. You probably have heard hilarious stories, or that you become kind of like friends with your profs, and you don't believe it at first. But guaranteed, 3 years down the line, you have them on Facebook and you visit every once and a while.

It's just inevitable. You can try to prolong it, or try to act like you don't care, but you'll miss all of these things once your course is over, and once you have to wait 3 hours to hear your name at graduation. So take it all in now, and don't blow all your money at Starbucks. But that's next to impossible.

1. You'll get lost in the dungeon that is the B Building

How do I get out of here?

2. You'll miss your bus because of slow walkers

Please, take your time. Nowhere to be.

3. You'll become like family with your class

That love/hate relationship is too real.

4.  You'll start to refer to the caf staff by their first names

They're a great bunch of people. They make us food.

5. You'll become friends with your profs

And it won't be weird when you catch up on Facebook.

6. You'll spend waaaay too much money at Starbucks

*gets anxious checking bank account*

7. Then remember there is a Tim Hortons, but still spend money at Starbucks

It's all worth it to get a free drink, right?

8. You'll walk through the P Building just to see the hot paramedic/police students

But only if you're looking good that day, obviously.

9. You'll run into so many people from high school in the Media and Design building

For some reason, this building is just filled with people you don't want to see.

10. You'll get sick off of the caf sushi

Trust me.

11. You'll get a parking ticket for parking at College Square

It's still probably cheaper than paying for a parking pass, TBH.

12. You'll mistakenly get drunk at The Ob before class starts

It's happened to the best of us.

13. You'll never actually find a quiet place to study

No one actually uses the silent rooms, let's be real.

14. They'll start knowing your name at The Print Shop

And also steal all your money. But it's for school, so it's worth it.

15. You'll try to switch groups to be with all your friends again

But you'll say it's better for you 'work schedule'.

16. The WiFi will cut out as soon as you really need it

Especially when it comes to Blackboard or Canvas. Which never really work anyways.

17. You'll probably gain 15 pounds just from eating the caf bagels alone

They're so good, and for no reason at all.

18. You'll most likely lose your student I.D. card

What is it good for, again?

19. You'll buy a locker and actually never use it

Who stays at school long enough to use it?

20. You'll slip and fall going out the doors of the ACCE building

Just trying to get to the bus, but the winter slush says otherwise.

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