Ottawa isn't necessarily a basic place, but there is a ton of basic stuff to do here. And if you're from Ottawa, you've definitely Instagrammed a ton of the city at least once. There is no way you don't recognize the basic places when you see them on other peoples Instagram's. Pink Lake? You can spot that from a mile away. 

Not saying that being basic is a bad thing at all, it actually means the place is very well liked! I mean, we're at least guilty of Instagramming one of these popular spots. And hey, they prove us with experience and also fire Instagram feeds, so it's for sure not a bad thing. Ottawa is a stunning city, so there's nothing to be ashamed about. If you've Instagrammed even one of these spots, you know what's up. 

So here's a list of 21 places every basic girl has definitely Instagrammed in Ottawa: 

via @danielle.hanley

1. Any Ice Cream at Sweet Jesus // 97 Clarence St

via @karissathorne_

2. This Inspirational Wall at Arlington Five // 5 Arlington Ave

via @ameliablaquiere

3. Any Spot at Nordik Spa-Nature // 16 Chemin Nordik

via @g_money_34

4. Canadian Tulip Festival // Dow's Lake

via @shereenmunshi

5. Quelque Chose Pâtisserie // Multiple Locations

via @quirki.yogi

6. Yoga On Parliament Hill // Parliament Hill

via @jazyfent

7. SuzyQ Doughnuts // 969 Wellington St. W

via @sabrinanoia

8. Russian Doll Wall // The Glebe

via @sleepiestgigi

9. The Bathroom Wall at Tomo // 109 Clarence St

via @anikaleung

10. Morrison's Quarry // Wakefield, Quebec

via @mi.mots

11. Playa Del Popsical // 809 Bank St

via @hannahnazarek

12. Skating On The Rideau Canal // Ottawa

via @artworkbyemilie

13. National Gallery Of Canada // 380 Sussex Dr

via @kachinabarnard

14. This Adorable Sign at Pure Gelato // 843 Bank St

via @cris.port

15. Pink Lake // Gatineau Park 

via @ilse.mndz

16. This Rainbow Wall at The Dreamland Cafe // 200 Laurier Ave W

via @gillianfenwick

17. Golden Bubbles // 11 William St

via @jesssbennettt

18. Cafe Cristal // 240 Kennevale Dr

via @catharseneau19

19. The Grand Pizzeria & Bar // 74 George St

via @gillmoore13

20. This Colourful Wall at The Tech Wall // 551-575 Laurier Ave W

via @juliaschilling

21. Tavern On The Hill // 1223 Alexandra Bridge

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