After working a few retail jobs in different environments, you soon realize that there are major struggles that come along with every one of those jobs. And all of them seem to be stupidly similar. When you first get hired, you're so excited and can't wait to deal with normal, happy customers. A month later and you're probably already thinking of ways to call in sick.

I think all of us can agree that working retail is exhausting, especially when you're on the other side. And most of us can also agree that we're super nice to everyone in retail now because of our experiences. If you don't want to complain about the long lines at a grocery store, then just don't go to a grocery store at 2 pm on a Sunday. Common sense, my friends.

Anyways, if you're worked in a retail job, you'll definitely relate to these struggles. Don't get me wrong, some customers can be angels from above and tell you you're doing a great job or they'll compliment you on your packing skills. However, it seems like some people are there just to test you. So here are 21 struggles every cashier knows or has known way too well:

1. "Are you open?"

Nope. Just standing here for fun, waiting to die.

2. When you've already entered the amount into the cash register and the customer gives you extra change

Sorry, I just literally have no idea what I'm supposed to give back to you now.

3. Working at the express cash and seeing someone with a full cart pull up

Can we not do this today? Isn't this common sense?

4. "I'm on vacation next week, could I get the sale price for this item now?"

Yeah, sure. I'll make sure to break all the rules just for you.

5. "Just wait for the machine to prompt you."

*Inserts chip right away* "It's not working." F*ck.

6. "Debit or credit?" "It's MasterCard"

Yeah... so credit?

7. When a customer yells at you for 'ringing in the wrong price'

Totally my fault. I control every single price that gets put into the system. Glad you know how my job works as a cashier.

8. *Item doesn't scan* "Well, guess that means it's free!"

Haha! Never heard that one before, good one!

9. "You know, this item is way cheaper at __________"

See those doors? They're waiting for you to exit.

10. When a customer asks to see the manager

And the manager just ends up telling them the same thing you did. We could've saved so much of our precious time.

11. "You guys never have anything I need. I'm not coming back!"

Awwww, that's too bad. Make sure to keep in touch, though.

12. *Trying to look for a code* "Oh, that's dried mango."

Thank you. I'm well aware of what it is, but like every other customer, you didn't put the code number on it.

13. When you open their reusable to start packing their groceries and get a whiff of the worst smell ever

You know you can wash reusable bags, right? Please do.

14. Customers trying to come in right before or after close

Yanking at the door will not make me open it and let you in. We reopen tomorrow morning, you can wait.

15. "I got charged $0.10 more than what was on the price tag"

What's even worse is that you probably wasted more on gas driving here just to tell me that.

16. "Do you need bags?" *No answer* *Starts using plastic bags*

"Uhm, I have bags." Then why the f*ck didn't you answer me when I asked you?

17. When customers complain about how long the lineups are

Yeah, sorry, completely my fault. I pray for these long lines every night before I go to bed.

18. "You look like you're bored!"

No no, not bored. Standing on a titled floor for 6 hours is everything I dream of when I'm not here.

19. When you walk in to a dreaded shift but see your favourite employees working

Heeeeyyyy, girl!

20. Having a lineup of 6 people when all the other cashes are free

"Excuse me, cash 4 and 5 are open as well." Savage.

21. "Do you have more of these in the back?"

Why the f*ck would we have them in the back? Do you think it's a magical warehouse back there? It's literally a bathroom and a break room if we're lucky.

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