Today is the day, my friends. 

In a few hours, The United States will have a new president and the world may combust. I'm just kidding, but doesn't it sort of feel that way? I'm sure everyone is super anxious today. And yes, even us Canadians have a right to be concerned.

We're lucky to have this fresh face as our Prime Minister, and we definitely don't take that for granted. But in the heaviness of this election, we have to have something to laugh at. So I created a list of what movies and TV shows Donald Trump could be casted in if he wins the election.

WARNING: This article should be taken very light heartedly.

1. This Is The End

2. Dumb and Dumber

3. Orange is the New Black

4. American Horror Story


6. American Psycho

7. Dazed and Confused

8. Liar Liar

9. The Descent

10. War of the Worlds

11. Clueless

12. Big Fat Liar

13. Trainwreck

14. White House Down

15. The Nightmare Before Christmas

16. Mission Impossible

17. Horrible Bosses

18. You've Got Mail

19. No Way Out

20. A Series of Unfortunate Events

21. The Day the Earth Stood Still

22. The NeverEnding Story

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