It happens to us all while on Instagram... we come across the baddest b*tches from Ottawa and wonder why you're not following them. Ottawa is  a small city so you may have seen these Ottawa models strut their stuff downtown taking some lit pictures. 

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Whether they post a fire selfie or a photo taken professionally, these 22 Ottawa models know their good side and are not affraid to flaunt it.

via @nouhajulienne

Nouha Julienne // @nouhajulienne

via @karinaaguenther

Karina Angelika Guenther // @karinaaguenther

via @emmanuelmdl

Emmanuel Owoniyi // @emmanuelmdl


via @rocheartates

Rochelle Artates // @rocheartates

via @mmz_ox

Santaná M. // @mmz_ox

via @jon_shakeitoff

Jonathan // @jon_shakeitoff

via @mayasbest

Maya Spaulding-Best // @mayasbest

via @chachamarti

Charlyne // @chachamarti

via @eyesofsauron

Abdul Amra // @eyesofsauron

via @daphneoconnor

Daphne O'Connor // @daphneoconnor

via @jesseaboagye

Jesse Nana Aboagye // @jesseaboagye

via @ericajunee

Erica June // @ericajunee

via @yb_613

YB // @yb_613

via @biancaforyou

Bianca // @biancaforyou

via @tymcnee

Ty Mcnee // @tymcnee

via @emilia.xvii

Emilia Meriam // @emilia.xvii

via @hanzhang_z

Hanzhang Z. // @hanzhang_z

via @axilutely

Axit Patel // @axilutely

via @noamzyy

Noémie Gaidies // @noamzyy

via @alfahamilton

Alfa Hamilton // @alfahamilton

via @kaysetonethird

Karl Rudy Thys // @kaysetonethird

via @laravogler

Lara Vogler // @laravogler

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