Winter is on its way whether we like it or not. The freezing cold weather can sometimes be a complete buzzkill when it comes to dressing to impress. During summer dressing up is super fun, from cute sundresses to adorable rompers the options are endless. During fall and spring, you wear a light jacket or sweater to keep you warm and you can still get away with wearing nice outfits. When it comes to winter all I ever feel like wearing is a thick sweater, jeans, double socks, and a thick scarf. Although that sounds super warm and promising to never freeze, it just isn't stylish at all.  

There are so many ladies on Ontario that know how to style an outfit perfect for the winter time. Some ladies are able to pull off wearing a skirt and leggings, but I know I would freeze instantly so I stay away from that look. But other ladies wear outfits that still look super cute with a jacket and scarf. Rather than covering up an outfit under a boring jacket, many of these ladies make sure that their jacket, shoes, scarf, and pants are on point. 

via @ornellakondo

Most of these Ontario ladies dress fancy, casual, unique, and classy from time to time, but the outfits in these categories will give you total winter outfit inspo. Fancy fashion are outfits you can wear on a girls night out, date night, or if you feel like being super extra. Comfy style are outfits that are perfect for being warm and cozy, yet stylish at the same time. Unique looks can be pretty tricky to pull off, these looks are extremely fashionable and will definitely make heads turn. Classy outfits are my personal favourite, they are all timeless and perfect for work and uni. 

Fancy Fashion

Casual Style

Unique Looks

Classy Outfits

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Fancy Fashion: 

via @ashleyjoex

Ashley // @ashleyjoex

Ashley's looks are all pretty badass. If you love the shade black, then you will for sure love all of her outfits. This outfit is perfect for a night out with your friends. It will leave you feeling like a straight badass. 

via @lapetitenoob

Joëlle Anello // @lapetitenoob

How cute is that outfit?! Honestly, it takes some guts to pull off a pink fur jacket, but it's totally worth it. This outfit is super boujee and you will feel like a queen for the night. Joëlle's Instagram is flooded with looks that all have a touch of pink, so if you love pastel pink you will definitely love this account. 

via @amandamonty

Amanda Montgomery // @amandamonty

Talk about a look that's perfect for the holidays! Amanda's account had so many nice outfits that great for winter while still having a touch of summer. Her account is super pastel and almost every outfit is paired with a colourful skirt. 

via @chantsy

Chantsy // @chantsy

Talk about serving a look. This outfit by Chansty slays, if you feel like looking like a full on boss for the day then an animal print jacket will get you feeling fly. Chantsy's Insta will always give you perfect looks for any season, she is never afraid to wear something a little flashy, so if you like outfits with a touch of difference definitely check her out. 

via @thatsotee

Tee // @thatsotee

I absolutely love this outfit that Tee is wearing. The badass leather jacket paired with a thick pearl sweater, this look is perfection. Tee's Instagram will give you some serious outfit inspo, it's a mix between boss looks, classy looks, and comfy outfits. 

via @bintaelle

Binta Elle // @bintaelle

Slaaaaay, honestly people will be green with envy while you kill it in this fur jacket. Binta knows how to create the perfect boss outfit. From shoes to leggings to bag this outfit is on another level of perfection. 

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Comfy Style:

via @randomactsofpastel

Alyssa Garrison // @randomactsofpastel

How soft and cozy does this outfit look?! From the warm scarf to the cute grey cardigan this pastel look is making me warm just looking at it. Alyssa's Insta account is a pastel lover's paradise and is made for you if you love pink. 

via @coraliescloset

Coralie // @coraliescloset

Simple, chic, casual, and cozy. Coralie's Instagram is perfect if you're looking for outfit inspo for school. Whether you want to wear a simple outfit with statement boots or casual jeans and a jacket, Coralie knows how to style with simplicity.

via @jodiblk_

Jodi Blk // @jodiblk_

What's better on a cold winter day than a thick scarf that will warm you right up? Jodi's looks are minimal and most of them are monochromatic. So if you're someone that buys everything in black, then you should definitely check out her account for some winter outfit inspo.

Anna // @struckblog

This look is simple yet super cute. You'll basically be walking around with a blanket around you at all times. Anna's outfits are all super casual and wearable for a day at school or a stroll through the park. Casual doesn't mean boring and Anna highlights this in all of her looks. 

via @k.g.campbell

Kellie // @k.g.campbell

This outfit is comfy, cozy, and still super chic. Even though it isn't super fancy, you will still slay everyone by wearing a statement jacket like this. Kellie's insta account is will 100% give you some outfit inspo. Her looks all look super comfy and are also unique. 

via @ornellakondo

Ornella Kondo // @ornellakondo

If you're looking for an Insta account to follow for winter outfit inspo, you have to check out Ornella's account. Her looks range from casual to fancy and will all make you want to go shopping asap. 

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Unique Looks: 

via @kastorandpollux

Kastor & Pollux // @kastorandpollux

This insta account isn't just one lady, it's a group of stylish and creative gals that all slay in whatever they wear. On this account, you will see so many different looks that will for sure inspire you this winter. 

via @vanessacesario_

Vanessa Cesario // @vanessacesario_

If I could describe Vanessa's account with one word, it would be badass. Her looks are all super unique and will make everyone's head turn. They are perfect for a night out with friends or a simple date night with your bae.

via @shika_chica

Shika Chica // @shika_chica

Shika's account is perfect for those that like being unique, but also like to stay with some classy styles. Her insta account is a mix between super unique looks and classy outfits that work for any occasion. 

via @daniesque

Dani Roche // @daniesque

On a scale of 1-slaying, I'd say Dani is a solid slaaaaaying everyone in her path. This jacket will definitely make you stand out from all of those classy looks that people always wear. If you're looking to get some extra attention, then check out Dani's account for inspo. 

via @yourgirlmax

Max Houde-Shulman // @yourgirlmax

Unique and comfortable is how I can describe Max's amazing outfits. Her looks are totally badass and give the vibe that she put no effort into her looks, which I love. Most of her looks include track pants and hoodies, so warmth and comfort are both checked off the list of winter outfit needs. 

via @ragsxruby

Ruby // @ragsxruby

Looking for outfits that are out of the norm? Then look no further. Ruby's Instagram will give you the winter outfit inspo you need before heading to the mall. 

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Classy Outfits: 

via @fiveftdiaries

Purna Choudhury // @fiveftdiaries

Can I please have this entire look for school? Purna knows how to layer, dress up, dress casual, and also dress super classy. Her insta account will 100% give you the winter outfit inspo you need.

  via @stacieha

Stacie Ha // @stacieha

Stacie's account is perfect for you if you love classy styles. Her looks are all super cute and great for work and school. Stacie's account is a perfect mix between travel, interior design, and a touch of food (I personally think of her Insta account as the Ottawan version of Zoella's account).


Dee Kizza //

From Converse and a comfy knit to a classy trench coat, Dee's outfits are perfect for school. Her looks are classy and timeless. They may not be great for a day at work, but they're great for a day running from one class to the next!

via @mimignos

Mimi Song // @mimignos

Almost all of Mimi's looks are perfect for uni. If you love classy and timeless looks Mimi will definitely give you major outfit inspo. Based on her fall looks from this year she will probably give you a mixture between classy and comfy outfits. 

via @faiza.inam

Faiza Inam // @faiza.inam

This outfit is perfect for work, school, or a job interview. Faiza is a boss and it shows in this photo. If you're searching for chic outfits to wear to work or casual looks perfect for uni, then you need to check out Faiza's account. 

via @mariesbazaar

Marie Ernst // @mariesbazaar

Marie's account will give you uni outfit goals. From cute trench coats to knee-high boots you will step into your class slaying everyone. She also has a variety of different looks so if you're also a lover of casual and comfy wear she has you covered. 

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