Studying at Algonquin College for almost five years myself made me appreciate the school and everything it had to offer. However, because I studied there for so long, I also got to experience all the annoying, repetitive quirks that this college has to offer. Now I mean this all in good fun, and I know most of you who go to Algonquin College, or are alumni, have experienced these 'struggles' as well.

Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology has 180 programs to choose from, and over 16,000 full-time students. Established in 1967, Algonquin College is a strong community that supports their students, and gives back to them in ways that will benefit their college experience (new places to study, new places to eat, etc.) The good of this school obviously outweighs the bad, but would we be human if we didn't find things to complain about? So here are 26 struggles Algonquin College students know too well. Feel free to write more in the comments, I'd love to hear them!

1. Having a 10 minute break but the Starbucks line is 15 minutes long.

And if your class is in B Building, just forget it.

2. Not being able to find a single seat in the library.

Meeting up for a group project? Good luck finding a quiet spot anywhere.

3. Not finding out your school schedule until the beginning of August.

Torture, absolute, pure torture.

4. And when you do find out your school schedule, you realize you're not in the same group as any of your friends.

Is this a valid reason to drop out?

5. Never being able to find a spot in parking lot 12.

But being way too poor for parking lot 9.

6. Walking from Baseline to Student Commons and remembering how out of shape you are.

That walk counts as my daily cardio, right?

7. Getting offered a ride to or from school and your whole day being made.

Listen, bussing to Algonquin no matter how close you live is always a pain in the ass.

8. Having your favourite on-campus meals at different cafeterias.

Do I want the disgustingly greasy pizza from the Marketplace Food Court or the overpriced pasta salad from Bits n' Bytes?

9. Also having your favourite hangout spot on campus.

And if it was taken you seriously contemplated just going home. Do I really need to go to my next class...?

10. Trying to get away with parking at Home Depot for a couple of hours.

90% of the time you didn't regret it.

11. Spending so much free time on your breaks at College Square in first year.

Then immensely regretting spending all that money in the next few years to come.

12. Becoming like family with your program.

You hate some people, love some others, and you're always annoyed by everyone.

13. Secretly roasting your professors on your program's Facebook page during class.

It's a mobile learning program, what do you expect?

14. Being divided up by which 'school' you were in, a.k.a giant cliques.

What are the construction students doing in the media and design building...?

15. Feeling like you're in prison in the B Building.

Yet feeling like you're in a rich, upscale school in Student Commons.

16. Secretly wondering why anyone would buy an Algonquin College sweater.

No offense to anyone. But c'mon.

17. Never being able to access Blackboard or Canvas on campus when you really need it.

About to hand something in that's due in 5 minutes? Good luck with that!

18. Not trying to be rude, but also not wanting the new Glue Magazine.

Where is the nearest bench I can drop this magazine on?

19. Being late to class and walking behind the slowest walkers ever through the bridge.

And obviously not being able to pass them because of even slower walkers on the other side. Can we widen this bridge? Please and thanks!

20. Not having any cell service in any B Building classroom.

And of course, as we all know, the most boring classes go on in there.

21. When someone tells you they play for an Algonquin College sports team.

Wait, we have sport teams? Is it house league?

22. Getting way too drunk at The Ob on a Monday.

And having to figure out how to get home... at 3 p.m.

23. Not being able to walk through Student Commons without being bombarded with statements from people at booths.

Yeah no, I already had the sex talk with my mom years ago. I will take whatever candy you're giving out, though.

24. Getting a new student I.D card every single year.

And literally never using it. Ever. Isn't it good for discounts at stores and stuff?

25. Waiting two months to get your textbooks and risking failing.

Because the line at the bookstore needs to chill.

26. And ending off your time at Algonquin College with a 3 hour graduation ceremony.

In which you either refuse to go, or your parents make you go just to film them screaming your name. Thanks for the support?

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