Tinder can truly be an exhausting process. You get all amped that you might meet your future husband, you get carpal tunnel from swiping left so many times, and then you finally realize that you're truly wasting your time. Not saying every person on Tinder is awful, you might actually meet your match.

But for the most part, it's just a fun way to pass the time. It's an experience that I think everyone should have at least once, just so you're aware of why modern dating sucks. However, if you have already swiped through hundreds of guys, guaranteed you've had a few of these thoughts:

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1. Wow all your pictures are from Barshots. No thanks.

2. Wait, do you live in Toronto or Ottawa? Confused.

3. STOP Trying to make 'Twa happen. It's not going to happen. *swipes left just because of that*

4. He's wearing a Habs jersey. Should I swipe right just to make fun of him?

5. Seriously, if I had a dollar for every picture I saw that was taken in Toronto...

6. If you're a lawyer, why are you on Tinder?

7. Oh, hey! I went to high school with you! *swipes right just for shits and giggles*

8. ...I also went to high school with him.

9. ...And him.

10. Oh, wow. Finally a very attractive man. It's too good to be true, he definitely doesn't live in Ottawa.

11. Classic picture with holding a fish. It always works, honestly.

12. Buddy, it's 4 AM. I'm not going to meet you in the market. Chill.

13. Wow you're a club promoter. I'm assuming that's how you pick up girls?

14. Why are all of your pictures at HOPE Volleyball? Is that the only time you get out?

15. Is that your kid...?

16. Oh, nevermind. Clearly states in his bio it's not his kid. Weird.

17. Let's take a shot every time a guy has that signature f*ckboy haircut.

18. Why does EVERY guy need to declare what school he went to? I'll just assume every guy on here went to Carleton.

19. Wow finally someone with a Sens jersey on. Ain't cute, though.

20. Why are all of your pictures of your truck? Only in Ottawa.

21. "Aspiring artist"... good luck making it here in Ottawa, my friend.

22. You can spot someone from Barrhaven a mile away.

23. This guy is too good looking to be on Tinder. Where are Nev and Max when you need them? #catfish

24. "Only in Ottawa for a few days!" Lucky you.

25. If only Justin Trudeau had Tinder.

26. I'm deleting this app. Seriously, #foreveralone.

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