Welcome! You are now officially an Ottawan. No one actually calls people from Ottawa that, but lets just go along with it. Ottawa is a diverse city that has so much history and love built into it. You picked a great city to move to, or if you're considering moving here, you're on the right path.

There's a reason there were multiple rumours that Kanye West wanted to buy a house here. It's quiet, peaceful, and even if the rumours weren't true, it's an accepting place for anyone to come and live. Being the capital of Canada, the city feels a lot of pressure to be perfect and government-like which can be seen as a bad thing to some people. But you'll always feel safe here, and that's the #1 thing.

I could go on and on about Ottawa and how great of a city is, but like always, we find something to complain about. The weather is probably first on my list, but that's just an easy target. You'll learn to love Ottawa for it's simplicity, or you can learn to hate it for that. It's up to you, but for most of us Ottawa is home and a place that always will be. It's not as cutthroat as a lot of other popular cities in Canada, but lets consider that a good thing. So here are 35 things that will definitely happen to you when moving to Ottawa:

1. You'll buy a Presto Card.

And definitely lose it at some point.

2. You'll realize how far everything is from each other.

Downtown to any suburb? Forget it.

3. You will try anything to live on your own.

Then come to the conclusion that it's too damn expensive. And will probably end up with a crappy roommate you find on Kijiji.

4. You will realize the term 'basic white girl' applies to too many girls here.

Even though we all claim to be different.

5. You won't walk anywhere.

Bus or drive, don't ever get a bike.

6. You will unwillingly end up at Tequila Jacks at least once.

And never remember why anyone thought that was a good idea.

7. You'll always be curious about Barefax downtown.

But will never have the courage to actually go inside.

8. You will become obsessed with finding the best sangria in Ottawa.

Is there such a thing as bad sangria, though?

9. You'll complain it's either too hot or too cold outside.

And will live for the few short weeks we have of autumn.

10. You will end up spending a crazy amount of money on a winter jacket.

Just to keep yourself a little bit sane during -40 weather.

11. You'll realize that Sorel's are a fashion must-have during the winter time.

They're hideous, but so worth it.

12. And also realize no one leaves their house during the winter.

Unless it's to go to work, or of course, the ByWard Market.

13. You'll start to understand why people here live for the ByWard Market.

Deservingly so, it's pretty awesome.

14. You'll soon accept that if you want to attend a concert, you'll have to make a road trip out of it.

Because no good artists ever decide to come to Ottawa.

15. You'll understand that a beach day in Ottawa means sweating on a small area of sand.

Because you can't go into the water with E.  coli warnings.

16. People here will always talk about Beavertails.

But if you live here long enough, you'll know that one every few years is good enough.

17. You'll do all your shopping online.

Because every single mall in Ottawa is under construction.

18. You will try to be trendy and give Bridgehead coffee a try.

And then realize Tim Hortons is bae (and was less expensive).

19. You will get lost downtown at some point. Definitely more than once.

Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

20. You'll realize meeting potential partners in Ottawa is damn hard.

You'll download Tinder then immediately regret it.

21. You'll find out that the OC Transpo isn't as bad as everyone says.

But you'll still have all of these thoughts.

22. You will get why everyone finds the Parliament Buildings so beautiful.

And you'll hardly ever visit them.

23. You'll understand why the Rideau Canal is such a big deal.

Not only is it the biggest ice skating rink in the world, but damn it's beautiful.

24. You probably won't brag about Ottawa once you go back home.

But you'll secretly miss how quiet and laid back the city is.

25. You'll be confused as to why Ottawa and Gatineau are made to seem like the same city.

Don't question it. Just go along with it.

26. You will automatically know what university someone goes to. Because they'll tell you.

Carleton + uOttawa = huge rivalries.

27. You will definitely drive to Quebec to grab some cheap beer.

Especially around the holidays.

28. You will have a drunken experience at the Rideau Street McDonald's.

As well as Zak's Diner. It's almost mandatory.

29. You'll go hiking in Gatineau Park.

And you'll of course, post it on social media even if you complained the whole time that you were out of shape.

30. When people ask you to describe Ottawa, you'll use the term 'government city'.

I mean, when was the last time The President of the United States came to your city for just a day?

31. You'll be jealous of everyone that brags about living downtown.

How do you do it? Your parents must be rich.

32. You'll never really experience a celebrity spotting like they do in Toronto and Vancouver.

But you kind of like that it's not a crazy popular city.

33. But you'll still get people who think you live in Toronto when you say you live in Canada's capital.

Sir, we've been over this. Toronto is the capital of Ontario, c'mon.

34. You'll also realize the bars are defined by stereotypes.

Only certain people go to certain bars. It's just a thing. You can understand more here.

35. And last but not least, you'll 100% meet more than a few Ottawa snobs who hate it here and always want to leave but never actually do it.

Don't let those people get into your head. This city is beautiful and peaceful, that's why you made it your home!

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