The O-Train: The somewhat unnecessary rail line that connects LeBreton Flats to a Wal-Mart in South Keys. To some it's extra. To others, it's just simply fascinating.

It's not the usual way of transit here in Ottawa, but for some it's still a daily ritual to take the train. It's about ten times less miserable that the bus, but we're still having some thoughts racing through our head when taking it. Here's 39 of these which practically everybody has:

1. Running here was not worth it.

2. There's so many seats to choose from.

3. Why can't the busses be like this?

4. I wonder what's on the other end of the tracks.

5. *Takes a seat*

6. Why did I sprint here from the bus if it isn't even gonna leave.

7. Oh, I think I felt a budge.

8. *Waves to the people hopelessly running for the train*

9. Bye.

10. This is so fancy.

11. I feel so European.

12. Is this what going to Hogwarts feels like?

13. I can probably walk faster than this.

14. I wonder how long the person across from me has been sleeping on here for.

15. Is this their second time going back and forth on the train?

16. Do some people just sit on here to hang out?

17. That Metro newspaper on the other seat is bothering me.

18. Does nobody take their newspaper.

19. Oh, it's the dark tunnel coming up.

20. It's like that scene from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

21. This train's a bit extra.

22. Like, there's 3 stops.

23. I could be on a bus, though.

24. This smells better than the bus.

25. And look at all this personal space.

26. Is this what the LRT is going to be like?

27. *Looks out the window and fantasizes*

28. Do fare inspectors even come on here?

29. This feels more like a Disneyland ride than public transit, tbh.

30. "Next stop, prochain arrêt..."

31. That's me.

32. *Watches the horde of people flock to an exit*

33. *Turns around and notices nobody else at the other exit*

34. That one.

35. Why are there so many people waiting outside the door.

36. I feel uncomfortable.

37. Please move.

38. Common courtesy, people. Make way as I exit.

39. *Tenses muscles and walks through the crowd to leave the train*

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