No matter what type of couple you are there is always something you can do in Ottawa to have a fun day. While in a relationship you guys either label yourself or you have been labeled as a specific type of couple. So whether you like it or not you two love birds already know what type you are.

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So before you choose your type I'll explain each one. Instagram couples are the couples that go somewhere or do things because they enjoy taking pictures for the gram, this is the couple that walks hand in hand while holding their cameras. Boujee couples are the ones that dress TF up every weekend to go sip on some wine or watch a show was the NAC. Outdoorsy couples and lazy couples are both pretty self-explanatory. 

Instagram Couples

Outdoorsy Couples

Lazy Couples

Boujee Couples

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Instagram Couples:

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Head to Mosai Canada 150 Horiculture Sculptures to take some stunning photos

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Check Out Ottawa's Street Art And Take A Cute AF gram

via @therealnessfactor

Hit up a cute Ottawa Cafe to get a latte grams (pun intended)

via @marcymichelle

Get some nature themed photos on your feed

via @alayafuller

Check out Ottawa's hidden waterfall and act like you're out of the city

via @laueauger

Enjoy a drink while taking pictures of Ottawa's views at Tavern On The Hill

via @graceetanng

Chase the sunset for a gorgeous Ottawa sunset gram

via @ottawa_2017

Head downtown with your s/o and take photos of a giant dragon and spider 

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Take photos of Ottawa's most Insta worthy foods, views, and places

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Act like you're on a beach for your Insta's at Playa Del Popsical 

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Outdoorsy Couple:

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Go for a dip at Ottawa's hidden swimming hole

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See who finishes the obstacle course first at Arbraska Laflèche

via @brooklynloveday

Be thrill seekers and whitewater raft or paddle down the Ottawa River at OWL Rafting

via @mirowsz

Try to conquer Ottawa's summer '17 hiking bucket list

via @kristianne_23

Rent a canoe or kayak on Dow's Lake

via @deneumoustier

Take a romantic stroll through any Ottawa Park 

via @melinavoyer_

Bike, walk, or run down the Rideau Canal

via @emhaier

Go pick some fresh strawberries together at Shouldice Strawberry Farms

via @ginggercakes

Explore the Mer Bleue Bog together

via @themollyrose

Be brave together and zipline at Camp Fortune's parks 

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Lazy Couple:

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Watch a movie in VIP at Cineplex Cinema Lansdowne VIP

via @aliciagagnonn

Go on a romantic boat ride together with Capital Cruises

via @baileyst.john

As the sun goes down go to Port Elmsley Drive-In and watch a movie outside

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Stay home and have a cute AF movie night

Go to Landmark Cinemas Orleans to try out their new leather reclining chairs

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Be tourists for the day and view Ottawa without using energy with Ottawa Bus Tours

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Head to your local library and dive into a book

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Chill out and play board games at The Loft Board Game Lounge

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Don't move all day and order in from any of Ottawa's restaurants that deliver

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Boujee Couple:

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Drink your favourite wines at Andaz ByWard Market 

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Have a meal by the Rideau Canal at Canal Ritz 

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Unwind together at Nordik Spa-Nature 

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Fine dine together at Atelier 

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Head to one of Ottawa's Upscale Bars together

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Go wine tasting at Vineyards Wine Bar Bistro

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Head to The Urban Element and work on both of your cooking skills

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Share a fancy AF dessert together at Mantovani 1946 Cafe & Pastry

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Dress TF up to go to a fancy Ottawa restaurant

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Go watch a Scene Canada show at the National Arts Centre 

via @josianne_fraga

Sip on some coffee and be fancy AF at Cafe Cristal 

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