We all think we look better when we're tanned, it's just a fact of life. 

However, we've been told for many years that tanning, whether that's inside or in a bed, can seriously harm your skin in many different ways. Looking like a bronzed goddess is hard when you're really trying to not have wrinkly skin at 30. So what's the next best thing? Spray tans. And no, I promise none of these places will leave you looking like this.

With all of these places below, you can trust that you'll get the most accurate, bronzed and natural spray tan possible. No Ross Geller freak outs here. So if you're sick of being pale AF during the winter and want glowing skin, you won't be disappointed with any of these 7 places!

1. Sun of a Gun // 8 Railway Street

Sun of a Gun is owned by Sue, who always refers to herself as Spray Tan Sue. At Sun of A Gun, your spray tan is airbrushed and applied by a technician so there are no streaks, blotchiness and definitely not orange at all. It's 100% natural, contains no alcohol and no odour as well. This one-on-one spray tan experience will make you want to get one all the time, and it's definitely worth it!

2. Tan on the Run // Your House!

Tan on the Run makes things so easy for you. They come to you (blessed), and they make sure you're getting the best of the best when it comes to what they use. This airbrush spray tan is paraben-free, organic and has no odour to it. So many amazing products come from the show Dragons' Den, and this is one of them. They make things so easy for you by coming to you, and the process is so quick you'll feel like you just got back from a tropical vacation!

3. iTan Studios // Multiple Locations

iTan offers two kinds of spray tan options, Mystic HD and VersaSpa. Both are done in a booth, but both offer different things. Mystic HD will give you a flawless, airbrushed look and the booth is heated so it allows maximum absorption into the skin. With VersaSpa, it's the first spray tan studio booth that allows you to choose to spray tan certain parts of your body, if that's what you're looking for. You can have glowing legs with one, or a full body glow with the other!

4. Bel-O-Sol Tanning Salon Inc. // 1836 Bank Street

Bel-O-Sol Tanning Salon Inc. also uses the VersaSpa, which lasts longer than most spray tans. It not only gives you a flawless tan, but it moisturizes your body using a bland of DHA, amino acids, aloe, and other ingredients. If you love looking tanned as much as we all do, there is a deal that gives you 6 spray tans a month for 60 dollars. That's a pretty awesome deal!

5. Acapulco Beach // 385 McArthur Avenue

Acapulco Beach will give you a tan like you literally just got back from Acapulco. They swear by Mystic Tan, which is the spray tan brand that so many celebrities use. If you want to get a glow like JLo, you'll want to come here.

6. Palm Beach Mega Tan // 900 Watters Road

Palm Beach Mega Tan is located in Orleans, and will give you that bronzed skin you've been looking for all winter long. This 'sunless tanning' method that they call it uses the ever so popular Mystic HD, which combines heat and drying so your spray tan never looks blotchy or orange.

7. Beauty By Tracey // 2381 Walkley Road

Beauty By Tracey offers customizable spray tans for every occasion in your life. Whether it's a fitness competition, a wedding, or you just want to feel tanned and toned, she's got your back. She uses premium products by Norvell, and will make sure you're pleased with the results to make you feel super confident before whatever event you're going to!

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