There's no question that Perth is a popular day-trip desintation in the summertime. Often labelled as the prettiest town in Ontario, this little town is just an hour's away from Ottawa and Kingston. People from all over Ontario are taking the road trip to Perth. 

If there's one truth about road trips, it's that no journey is complete without coffee. Perth is a haven for some of the cutest cafes in Ontario. You'll find them in the town's age-old heritage buildings.

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Cafe Bean // 1 Sherbrooke St. E

Cafe Bean has an unassuming rustic exterior that shelters a welcoming and friendly exposed brick space. With its retro teal fridge and occasional live music, the ambience of this local cafe has a hip, homey vibe (even though the cafe itself isn't really that old in itself).

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Coutts Coffee Roastery & Cafe // 57 Gore St. E

Coutts' is arguably the most well-know cafe in Perth, known for its charming location in a heritage mill (right beside Fiddlehead's). You can enjoy some lovely views of the canal that runs through the town behind one of the cafe's old fashioned windows or on the summer patio. This cafe is the perfect reflection of Perth's old-world charm.

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Fieldhouse // 43 Herriott St.

Fieldhouse is another proud addition to Perth's unique coffee shop scene. With its unique Swedish fika-esque minimalist interior, there's a quaint European vibe going on in this small cafe. Plus, Fieldhouse isn't a bad place to pick up a housemade sandwich either.

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Sunflower Bake Shop // 100 Gore St.

You'll pass this quaint beauty while walking across the Gore Street bridge near city hall. Sunflower's served the Perth community for decades and is proudly local. When you walk through that little red door, you'll be lured in by the open concept environment and knowing wholeheartedly that Sunflower's been making all of their pastries by scratch for years.

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Crossroads Tearoom // 40 Gore St. E

Crossroads embodies a vintage flare with its old piano, small chandeliers and vintage artwork across the walls. You can also take home one of their 35 soups home to delve in on a cold, rainy day.

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Rocky River Cafe // 8 Wilson St. E

Perth's newest cafe addition that's right in the downtown core. Rocky River Cafe is located in an old building and is a delicious restaurant where the food is made from scratch. Oh, and they got Dutch croquettes, which are just absolutely too hard to find anywhere. Sigh.


Cafe Hideaway // 55 Foster St.

A small restaurant that more so resembles a diner but that shouldn't be excused from the list nonetheless. Come stop by for a cheap, plentiful breakfast and a quick cup of coffee when on the go.

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