The beginning few weeks of school are always nerve-wracking as a first year. We've all been there. You've already walked into the wrong class at least twice, paid way too much for a textbook because you didn't know the trading group on Facebook existed, and now that frosh week is over, have way too many pictures on your phone of you with people you don't even recognize.

Speaking of which, here are the 7 guys you met at uOttawa frosh week that you're probably wishing you hadn't.

1. The "Toronto" Guy

  • Captions every Instagram picture with a Drake lyric
  • Says he's from "The Six" but is really from Oakville
  • Still matches his snapbacks with his Jordans

2. The Gap Year(S) Guy

  • Took at least 2 years off school to focus on "finding himself" and travelling with his parents money
  • Is "a creative" and someone who "does it for the culture" - probably an Instagram photographer
  • Looks out of place in every first year class

3. The "Frenchie"

Suspiciously well versed on all things Hull.... Need I say more?

4. The Party Promoter

  • Always on the uOttawa Facebook pages posting about their res parties - Brooks, anyone?
  • If he's not hosting at his dorm, he's volunteering his friends' dorms
  • Has an Instagram profile full of Barshots photos

5. The International Guy

  • Relies solely on accent to get girls
  • Probably went a little too hard the first two nights of partying to celebrate his newfound international freedom
  • Asks for directions to the International Centre more than directions to classes

6. The Business Guy

  • Thinks he's the Wolf of Wall Street but really just works part time at Metro or Telus
  • Started one club in high school so he has "entrepreneur" on his resume
  • Wears a suit to everything for no apparent reason

7. The Frat Boy

  • Everything turns into a conversation about his frat
  • "Bring all your girlfriends" is at the end of every invite he's ever sent you
  • Seriously stop talking about your frat
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