Ottawa's Belgian-inspired waffles aren't catered exclusively to those wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth. A number of restaurants across Canada's capital offer their own takes on waffles, whether it means burying them in fresh fruit or mixing them up with fried chicken. Leave the Eggos in the freezer and check out seven of some of the tastiest waffles in the city:

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Stella Luna Gelato Cafe // 1103 Bank St.

Homemade, European-inspired buttermilk waffles always topped to perfection with a dollop of whipped cream and ever-changing toppings. A side of their gelato wouldn't hurt either.

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Luna Crepes and Cafe // 329 March Rd.

Enjoy a colourful assortment of fruits atop some fluffy, sugar-powdered waffles at Luna Crepes out in Kanata. You can have your waffles here assorted with fruits on top or mixed with some chocolate.

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Cacao 70 // Various Locations

Chocolate's in the name at Cacao 70 and there's no shortage on their waffles. Their "Illegal" chocolate waffle is drenched in melted Belgian chocolate, chocolate wafer balls and caramelized bananas. I wholeheartedly believe it should be outlawed. We don't deserve this much chocolate.

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Pressed // 750 Gladstone Ave.

Waffles are the speciality at Pressed and you'll find they're most celebrated on weekends when they bring out all the varieties for their famous Weekend Waffle Brunch. Whether you want it sweet with fruit, simple with syrup or savoury with eggs benny on top, Pressed has everything you can desire.

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Eggspecation // 171 Bank St.

Belgian waffles always immaculately topped with real Canadian maple syrup and drenched in chocolate. Naturally, being an egg-themed restaurant, Eggspectations also serves their top of the line eggs benny on their waffles (with bacon, of course) and with their creamy hollandaise sauce.

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The King Eddy // 45 Clarence St.

A list about the best waffles is incomplete without the best chicken and waffles in Ottawa. We'll hand that title to The King Eddy, which serves generous portions of thick waffles with their deliciously seasoned "Northern" fried chicken.

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Flapjack's Canadian Diner // 354a Preston St.

The crowning glory is the caramel banana waffle with chocolate sauce and caramel drenched over bananas and vanilla ice cream. The Oreo waffles with crumbled Oreos scattered across rich vanilla icing is really superb, though.

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