Mac n' cheese is the essential dish for all poor and starving college students. While the famous dish has been generalized as nothing more than dry pasta mixed with radioactive orange powder in cardboard boxes, there's so much more quality mac in Ottawa restaurants.

Change out of your PJs and don't go to the microwave to make your KD tonight. Here's 7 of the essential mac n' cheeses in Ottawa for some ooey gooey cheesy deliciousness:

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1.Bite Burger House // 108 Murray St.

The classic mac served here is flaked with flavourful breadcrumbs on top and a very, distinguished sharp taste. You can add some crispy chicken on top, too, or even bacon. But, I like adding sliced hot dogs on top for a bit of a homey taste.

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2. The Wellington Diner // 1385 Wellington St. West

It's hard to juggle between a hearty Wellington all-day breakfast and their massive servings of cheesy mac, but who's really going to turn down a lobster mac n' cheese? Not this guy. To be honest, I like to keep my mac simple, though, and their sweet, creamy regular plate of mac n' cheese always leaves me full.

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3. The SmoQue Shack // 129 York St.

I just love, love, love the mac n' cheese here so much. You could never ask for a better browned topping of cheese on top of their tender mac. It's a hugely popular side at SmoQue's and is very much worth it as a side.

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4. Tennessy Willems // 1082 Wellington St. West

Naturally, the star of the show at Tennessy Willem's is the pizza, but dare to be different and be that guy or girl who orders the mac n' cheese instead. Baked perfectly and flaked with parmesan, and uniquely topped with mushrooms. Oh, and there's bacon too, so.

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5. Churchill's // 365 Richmond Rd.

I'd put this higher up the list but I guess they always say save some of the best for last, right? This mac's next level creamy served with an incredibly rich, white béchamel sauce mixed with three cheeses. There's some cheese curds inside too. *Stomach grumbles*

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6. Flapjack's Canadian Diner // 354A Preston St.

The buffalo chicken mac is unreal, oven-baked and served on a hot skillet ('cause there's nothing more real than serving something on a skillet). The cheese is perfectly weaved in between the cheesy mac and is generously topped off with some crispy chicken tenders and a bit of buffalo ranch sauce for that extra kick.

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7. The Flying Banzini // 1242 Wellington St. West

Served as an appetizer but fit for a dinner when served with added roast meat (or a burger pocket perhaps?). There's a nice, browned crust of pecorino cheese on top and even some spicy ketchup on the side for those who like to mix it with their mac.

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