Ottawa's nothing short of being a sweet treat paradise. With places like Sweet Jesus, Stella Luna and Maverick's Donuts, we're always within arms reach of cheating on our diets. But, the desserts we never really talk about is the other side of the river: Gatineau.

Just in time for Easter, we gathered a list of our favourite places to satisfy your sweet tooth in Gatineau:

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Edgar // 60, Rue Bégin

Better known for their brunch but they're always crafting up new pastries every morning that can never be missed. In the past they've had pistachio vanilla donut holes (three of my favourite things in one, pretty much) and some warm, delicious rolls, perfect to enjoy with a cup of coffee.

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Chocolats Favoris // 455 Boulevard de la Gappe

A popular chain chocolaterie in Quebec that offers Wonka-level creameries that offer an insane amount of different ice creams and dippings, from crunchy hazelnut to maple vanilla. Never ever forget to try their take on hot chocolate: Flavourites, made with real chocolate. Try the salted caramel one, yes please.

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Fidélice // Various locations

Fidelice can be found at three different locations across the Ottawa River in Gatineau, Hull and Aylmer. Just simply, one couldn't be enough. These delicious bakeries offer some of the most delicious treats, especially their croissants. But, really, there's everything: Cakes, tarts and oh so delicious chocolate eclairs.

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Gateau Neo // 25 Principale Street

Make a custom order and take that birthday to the next level with some of the best personalized cakes (and of course, cupcakes) in Gatineau. The people who work here are absolute artists and craft both visual and tasty masterpieces.

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Sur La Lune // 761 Riverside Drive

This little shack in beautiful Wakefield never underserves, and always scoops up some of the biggest portions of delicious Bilboquet ice cream.

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Bilboquet Outaouais // 66 Eddy Street

Having been open for more than 30 years, Bilboquet Outaouais has in some respects become a tradition. They sell an exhaustive amount of flavours, whether its for their ice cream or sweet sorbets. The Bric a Brac (Vanilla ice cream with milk chocolate chunks) or King Kong (Banana with milk chocolate) never disappoint on a hot summer's day.

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La Cigale // 14 Chemin Scott

Every trip to Chelsea means there has to be a pit stop at La Cigale. The owners at this cute little spot churn their ice cream right in Chelsea using all authentic and fresh ingredients. It's the epitome of a small town ice cream shop and sets the standard for local done right in both Ottawa and Gatineau.

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