Of all the traditional Mexican foods, enchiladas are probably the most unsung. While everyone else is scrolling down to the taco section of the menu, they're often neglecting these colouful golden tortillas drenched in a chili and tomato sauce. Whether you like them with red or green sauce, pork or chicken, enchiladas are always a flavourful and stuffing entree at almost any true Mexican restaurant you wish to visit.

We gathered a list of our favourite spots to taste these delicious Mexican plates. Here's 7 places to get some super delicious enchiladas in Ottawa.

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Pancho Villa // 361 Elgin St. #8

Take in the especialidades del local (local specialities) of Pancho Villa's flavourful plate of famous enchiladas. Stuffed with your choice of beef, cheese or chicken, these warm corn tortillas drenched in house sauce and served with a fresh salad and Mexican rice.

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Ola Cocina // 62 Barrette St.

Arguably the best Mexican restuarant on the east side of Ottawa, Ola Cocina serves up a generous plate of three enchiladas. They're served with a choice of red or green sauce and white, soft Mexican cheese, known as queso fresco. To top it all off is a bit of creme fraiche on the side and a side of black beans and Mexican rice.

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Feleena's // 742 Bank St.

Drenched in the colours of Mexico's flag, Feleena's rolled enchiladas are covered in a thick triad of verde, red and white sauce. They're topped with jack cheddar and can be filled with seafood if you'd like. 

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Cantina Sur // 665 Bronson Ave.

Served with a verde sauce, but also a red sauce if desired, Cantina Sur's enchiladas serve three enchiladas with a dollop of sour cream. Also served are beans with a mild spice and a portion of rice.

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Nuvo Restaurant // 1481B Innes Rd.

A cafeteria-esque Mexican restaurant in the Orleans area that can serve up a quick but tasty plate of enchiladas. They serve their enchiladas with chicken or vegetarian, and flaked with pieces of delicious feta on top. 

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Taqueria Kukulkan // 1730 Montreal Rd.

Delectable enchiladas topped with soft queso fresco, shredded chicken, a topping of cream and your choice of verdes or rojas sauce. While I usually advocate for rojas enchiladas, the verdes has some irresistible sliced avocado on top.

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Burrito Borracho // 105A Clarence St.

Better known for their burritos but also famous for their enchiladas, Burrito Borracho serves up this tasty Mexican dish with spicy chipotle sauce and some incredibly fresh queso fresco flaked on top. Try them with Al Pastor (shawarma meat) or the pulled pork.

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